The SnowDen Effect and other search engines

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The SnowDen Effect and other search engines

President Obama held a news conference on Friday, announcing changes that will be made to the NSA spy programs. There is now a concern of spying. Snowden was the one responsible for stealing pages and pages of secret documents, then let the public have access to them.

The Snowden Effect some say may mean that the government is spying on citizens. Many lawsuits have popped up due to this. However, not every citizen will make a lawsuit. They are simply changing the search engine they are using. What this means is the many of the bigger named search engines are not being used. Many are using startpage as a search engine. This search engine gives clear results without revealing who is doing the search, unlike some of the larger search engines.

This is a scary thought, knowing that big search engines, such as google, know everything that you are thinking. When you need some information and you go to the search engine, and type in what you are looking for, the search engine is able to find out more about you. Every search you conduct, the search engine makes a note of.


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Yes that is very scary indeed Ella. Thanks for the share. Google knows just as much about you as others close to you know.

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I don't like the idea of governments spying on their own citizens. To what end would this even be useful? Shouldn't they be looking outside the borders to protect us, rather than turning in on us?

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I agree with you there Jackson. that is a huge turn off to me!

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