Charge Your Business This Year!

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Charge Your Business This Year!


Did You Know That:

  • video sales letters are converting 2-3 times higher than a long form text based sales page using nearly identical copy
  • Video forces your prospect to hear your entire pitch
  • Video allows you to communicate nonverbally – Psychologists say as much as 75% of our communication is nonverbal. Any good salesman would tell you that 90% of the sale not about what you say, but how you say it.
  • Video puts your viewer into a state - It is much easier to pull your prospect into a state of curiosity, desire, and urgency with video than it is with the written word.
  • Video is 4 times more likely to be consumed than text.
  • 48% of tablet time is spent watching Long form video.
  • At the end of the day… if you are not selling your products and services with video, you are missing out on the majority of your potential audience.

Take the commitment right now, to mastering the art of selling over video. I promise this will change your life.

If you ever need help with your videos, let me know.



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Good sir nice info.

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Yes its true video have more potential than text if we are doing business like online business.

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you are super right. video promotion works very well in boosting your sales to the buyers out there. it seems you are good in making videos and you sound like someone speaking from experience. thanks for that tutorial. i need to master the art of creating videos.

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I do agree that video marketing is more potent than text marketing. It's like comparing newspaper to the radio or TV. People are more receptive to something visually stimulating like watching a video and they tend to finish it unlike in text form.

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