Have you ever earned money with Clickbank?

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Have you ever earned money with Clickbank?

Clickbank offers a wide variety of good info-products to promote such as ebooks and software. Have you earned money with any Clickbank products?


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Good day!

Yes, I have been one of the many fortunate ones who have manged to make sales. I have a variety of Clickbank products ranging from behavioral problems to finding solutions to save money for your family. I tend to advertise every product until I see it in my dreams for weeks on end, but it pays off.

First and foremost, you have to learn what's the most popular, has the most gravity, and if they have re-bills. Pick something you're interested in writing about. If you're not sure what to write, then research it or perhaps think of a compelling story that would draw people in. Then advertise!!

I spread the word about each one of them, even locally through small local business websites, or providing business cards with helpful websites (of course this depends on if you really back the product you're selling). You really have to push your products hard (online & off) to get the public aware of what you are selling, and how they can access more information when they require it.

Also knowing what locations, blogs, and websites to advertise each product in is very helpful, as you want to attract the right audience you need to succeed. Becoming knowledgeable of the different forums and recognizing which ones are really worth your effort, can decipher what makes and breaks your goals as a seller of an affiliate product.

"Strive not to be a man of success, but rather to be a man of value."
~Albert Einstein

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Yes, I get frequent checks from them, including one today, for mostly gaming related products.

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I have a click bank account but I really didn't put much work into it. I just spent 3 days learning the basics and in posting my links then I gave up, it's not for me.

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