Clicky Vs Google Analytics

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Clicky Vs Google Analytics

I just recently was turned onto Clicky & uploaded the plugin to do some tracking & compare it to Google Analytics.
I was just curious if anyone has any feedback using Clicky - I am hearing really good things... Just looking for a different platform to use.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts

Be Well,
Jon // SEOClerks Staff

p.s. does anyone more 'tech' savy than I know the answer to whether or not running clicky & g analytics at the same time on a site has any affect on SEO? just curious Clicky Vs Google Analytics Dont plan on having them both running longer than 1 month but thought it was worth a shot in the dark if anyone knows please let me know Clicky Vs Google Analytics


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Now, with the live Google analytics, i no more use clicky! I used clicky and it helped a lot by doing detailed stats about my WordPress users visits. But i don't use both. As site speed matter, i am using only Google analytics for faster load!

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Seoclerks also use clicky Clicky Vs Google Analytics

- Sunil Bishnoi

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I have never used Clicky, in fact, I even did not know an analytic tool called Clicky. I use Google analytics, in fact, I have never used any tools other than Google analytics. Google analytic gives a detailed report on traffic, including location, devices, browsers etc. Does Clicky also give a similar report.

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