When site visitors use Ad blockers

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When site visitors use Ad blockers

I have installed Adblocker plug in after reading such good reviews on it and now we are not annoyed by advertisements on sites. And, it also helps prevent pop ups.

Actually, on one site where my daughter plays games, the Adblocker was so effective (in our Chrome browser) that we didn't even know they had ads until we used another browser to access the site. On the Firefox browser, where we don't have the Adblocker plug in installed, there was a huge annoying banner across the bottom of her game and she could not click away from it.

However, this brings up an issue for webmasters who depend on banner ads to monetize the site. How do you deal with a site visitor who is using an Ad blocker? What does this mean for your ability to monetize your site?

At our favorite online movie site, they have a warning that says, 'You are using an ad blocker, please disable'. And, the video won't play until the ad blocker is disabled. Just wondering if there is a script that can detect if your site user has an adblocker installed and display a similar warning so that content is unlocked only after the plug in is disabled. This might be a useful resource for webmasters.


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Yes, I completely agree with @Beverly , I use Adblocker plus... It is more effective than Adblocker.

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adblocker now not effective with some pop ups uninstalled

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I don't use it personally, but there is code that you can install that essentially blocks visitors that blick ads. You can visit to see it in action. When a person lands on one of their pages, before seeing the article, they will either see a test ad or a message about the adblocker. If the person wants to reach the content, they will turn the adblocker off. Of course, Forbes provided high-value articles. So, they can get away with it.

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Ad blockers don't work on some sites now because there's a new software that either instruct users to put off their ads blocker before viewing a page or block off the ads blockers.So webmasters are no longer worrying about ads blockers because there are tools to handle this now.

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