Get your free website at Drupal Gardens

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Get your free website at Drupal Gardens

Drupal Gardens is an easy-to-use service for creating and hosting powerful and beautiful social websites using Drupal 7, the most powerful and flexible open-source social publishing system.

Integrated publishing with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Point-and-click design
Non-technical people can easily design sites and manage content.

Gorgeous photo & video galleries
Show off and customize your collections with auto-resizing thumbnails, lightbox slide shows, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and more.

Mobile content creation
Post content and photos to your sites directly from your iPhone.

A powerful CMS
Drupal Gardens is built on the acclaimed Drupal content management system.

Dynamic content mashups
Create custom displays or mashups of content, media, users and more using the power of Drupal Views.

No lock-ins
OpenSaaS means you can export it all anytime (code, database, files) and host it yourself.

Hassle free
Don’t worry about servers, software, administration, or bandwidth. We've got you covered.

Price for monthly subscription starts at free and goes up gradually depending on customization features.


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I've always wanted to try out Drupal but was concerned over installation. Though you can have this software installed online with Softaculous there are a hundred little tweaks that have to be made to the basic template to make it look good. If this site makes it easier then I'm all for that.

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Do you think Drupal Gardens would be good for use as part of a blog network, such as when you are creating posts to backlink to your main site? If the site has a good reputation, it might be useful for that purpose.

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