Ideas for website

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Ideas for website

I have been building a travel booking site for a couple of months now.

The site is

I tried updating the logo by purchasing logo design on SEOClerks, but all designs look cheesy and I like my original design much better. For other travel sites, the logos aren't fancy so I'm wondering if it should be left alone?

The body of the site is my biggest concern, but I've reached the limit of knowledge on what I can do with it. So my question on the body is: Should I seek help from a site like Elance, (where they bid cheap for design work), to make design changes to the body of the site?

I have found templates online that might work but there are technical issues with the affiliate part of my site. Not many options on the style of the booking engine. The header and footer have to be hosted on their site and my site.

I just want my site to look like other travel sites, (Expedia, Travelocity and others).

Any suggestions?


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Why do you want it to look like other sites? You should want it to look original and unique.

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I agree with this comment. Why do you want to pattern it to existing websites? Maybe it is because of their popularity? Creativity has no limits and you can be more creative with your designs. My advice is for you to be conscious of the ease of navigation that includes the icons to be clicked and the fonts as well. When you're okay with those aspects then you are free to make your own webpage design.

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Hi Angie,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

When people go to priceline or hotwire, they expect a certain professional look, something that they're familiar with. I just figure that a travel site needs to have that look so that people will have confidence to do business with that company.

My wife, on the other hand, agrees with you.

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