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Would you consider starting a blog on as your main blog, not just for backlinking or SEO? Have you done this?


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Forrest blogs are good for backlinking but you can actually have a blog there about almost anything, including affiliate review products. The key to any blog, even one on a free site like is to provide the best information you can, with your readers in mind so they enjoy what you have published. Then it's not just about earning money but serving the reader. And, Google will appreciate that and reward you with better search engine position.

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I've used Tumblr as a main blog as I like their community more. The blogger community is getting more fragmented and spam ridden as time goes on, so I'm drifting away from that. As for Wordpress, it could be OK to use, if you like the Wordpress software, but I don't.

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I think it depends n what you need. If you can go with it is better option..

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