Best Way to use the Tags Plug-in?

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Best Way to use the Tags Plug-in?

So I have the Tags Plug-In installed on my blog and I am wanting to know a couple of things about using..

  1. Should I always add at least one tag each blog entry?
  2. What is the maximum amount of tags that should be added per blog entry?
  3. Should I display the tags added into the entry on the actual blog entry?
  4. Are these tags used as the keywords / phrases in the Meta details of that blog entry page?
  5. Should I used words / phrases that are in the blog entry? or Words / Phrases about it, but not really in it?

If you know any of the answers to these questions about my Tags Plugin, please reply to this thread. Best Way to use the Tags Plug-in? Thanks!


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1. I would say at least three,
2. No more than 10.
3. Yes. People do use them to find related articles.
4. The general consensus is that keyword meta tags are now obsolete, but ti won;t hurt.
5. Tags should be contextual and directly related to the content.

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