Official Clickbank Marketplace for Wordpress

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Official Clickbank Marketplace for Wordpress

Display a wide variety of products related to your blog niche with this useful Wordpress Plug in.


  1. Full ClickBank Marketplace import of Products and Categories.

  2. ClickBank Product and Category updates at the click of a button.

  3. Customize your ClickBank Product Descriptions to remove affiliate marketing information and provide unique content to your Marketplace. These descriptions will not be affected by your update.

  4. Select ClickBank products to promote by restricting ClickBank categories or by creating your own custom products list.

  5. Add Custom Products from other Affiliate systems directly into your Marketplace or Custom List.

  6. Add Custom Categories to create your own MarketPlace Structure or add custom categories to the ClickBank Category Structure.


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Have a wonderful day.

Thank you very much for giving click bank plug in information. But this plug in is not updating for the last 2 years. I think this one will be best for click bank affiliate:


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I cannot use clickbank as it is not available in my location. However, I have worked wirth clickbank on my clients' website. I use clickbank plugin to promote clickbank products. Having clickbank plugin makes it easier to show click bank products in your website. I also use custom HTML widget to promote click bank product. Working with custom HTML widget will be little difficult as you have to create a HTML link to showcase specific products, however, when you promote specific products, sales will be better.

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