How to get an instantly backlinked blog from Blogger

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How to get an instantly backlinked blog from Blogger

Once I found a backlink in a signature on a work at home forum to a blog. And, when I visited the page, it said that blog had been deleted. So, I registered a blogspot subdomain with the same subdomain and it worked. I just wanted to see if it would work. The good news is that I was getting traffic from the backlinks the previous blogger had put out in her signature link. They were all coming to my blog.

Maybe that idea would work for you, if you find a subdomain on blogger that is no longer active.

One of the upsides would be if the blog had been backlinked heavily from niche forums, then you would benefit from traffic from the links already out there.

The down side might be if the blog was backlinked from 'bad neighborhoods', you might get a penalty. But, it's something you might want to try. And, since it's a free blog and you're not investing any money, you won't lose anything in the process.


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I wonder if there is a directory that lists all of these now extinct Blogger blogs. I would get a few of these sites for myself.

As you said you can't rely on the quality of the backlinks though.

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I think getting some kind of suspensions from those backline is what scares me the most when I think of using that method to generate backline on my blog.

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Do you mean to say that not all of your comments on a blog in Blogger will remain? I wonder why it will be deleted. I have read a discussion about comments being deleted by forum admin and blog owners that is due to their discretion perhaps. But to be automatically deleted by Blogger, that is news to me. Anyway, I hope users will be enlightened on this deleted backlinks because we exert effort to place a link on those blogs and it is a sorry situation if we don’t know that our backlink was not there anymore.

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