How to make money by BLOG

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How to make money by BLOG

Give me tips and trick to how to make money in blog........How much daily views to select blog in adsense..



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Your daily earnings on Adsense will depend on far more than just your traffic. You will need to pick an Adsense niche that pays well.

And, you can do this by finding out which keywords that advertisers are paying a lot for.

For instance, some terms such as 'drunk driving attorneys' is a hugely competitive and expensive keyword.

So for blogs that are about that subject, the ads would pay more per click.

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I include Amazon and Adsense ads in my blog at blogger dot com to earn money. Although the earning is little but I don't mind because it is my hard earned money. At least this shows that someone had been reading my posts and clicking the ads

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You can make money through these ways

Monetize with Google AdSense ads
Add other ads network like, Chitika or infolinks if you can
Incorporate Affiliate marketing from affiliate marketing program
You could ask for donations from the site's users.

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The first step is to write good articles for your blog. Good article means it is well-written with no grammar errors and spelling mistakes. It is also unique, that means it is not copied from another website whether in part of in whole. Also, observe the length not to be shorter than 2 pages of word document. Photos and images can enhance your blog. The second step is to upload that blog on your website and include tags that is directly related to the blog you are uploading. Third step is to promote your blog in any website that you find available. Of course, your blog should be enrolled in Adsense to earn.

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Blogging offers a lot of income opportunities like site monetization, guest posting, offering your services in it, advertising your affiliate links, adverts etc. But the offline opportunities are the ones which can earn you a lot as a blogger with a successful Blogsite. You'll get exclusive invites to events as well as paid offers to blog about said events and a lot more.

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