How to earn money on blog

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How to earn money on blog

Please...... Give me information......

How to earn money on blog???????????????????????????

I am new user of blogger.My blog can't permission of joint ad sense account. Qualify of blog in ad sense account...........a how daily views in my blog???Please tell me.


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Adsense has very high standards and does not usually accept new blogs. You may may want to wait awhile before trying to apply again so that you have time to add lots of really great, original content. Be sure to read the Adsense TOS to see what type of content is prohibited.

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First of all, you need well written and unique contents. If you cannot write good contents, hire someone to write for your blog. Once you have contents, start sharing on social media. You need to reach to people so that your blog gets traffic. When you begin to get traffic, apply for ad networks. Adsense is hard to get, you can try other networks like chitika, bidvertiser, infolinks etc. You can also join affiliate programs like amazon, clickbank, commission junction. When your ads are clicked you make money. When your affiliate products are purchased, you make money.

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Earning on a blog and not earning peanuts but good money in my own opinion needs patience and commitment.Don.t just run off if no money is made in the first one to two years.continue blogging till you get a breakthrough. Having said that to make money from your blog you need to register with ads network to share in their ads revenue.Register also with any affiliate programme, sell ads spaces and maybe ask for a donation from your readers.

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Find out the articles on Google from "monetization" topic. You have to learn how to monetize a blog. And once you understand that you can scale the same. You have to understand how to properly put on some ads. And how to get things done on the content side. You have to realize that earning money from blogging takes some time. But the thing is that you have to start to get things going in such case.

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The best way to earn money from blogging is to enroll your blog in Google Adsense. It is a revenue-sharing of advertisements. You blog will automatically have ads that are placed by Adsense. The earnings from those ads will be shared by Adsense which is pretty small. But if your blog has a lot of readers, the revenue will be substantial that you can even make it your livelihood.

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