What if Blogger allowed you to own your own blog?

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What if Blogger allowed you to own your own blog?

Currently, the blogs you can get through Blogger are owned by Blogger/Google, so they have the right to shut down sites on a whim. For that reason, Wordpress or other self installed blogging software is a better option. But, what if Blogger allowed you to buy the hosting space with pre installed Blogger software, but you would own the site and Blogger would have no control over it (assuming it did not violate their site TOS)?


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So, really it would be just like Wordpress? This could be a really good thing considering how they would not have control over the blog as they do now. I don't really like the idea of Google poking around in my blog anyway. And, if I were paying for the hosting, I don't think they could just take it down over a few affiliate links.

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