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Why so many gaming forums?

There are just too many gamer and gaming forums online and most not even focusing on one specific platform or game, but more generic gaming niche. Why do people still try to compete with such a large niche? And, any advice for someone who loves games and wants a gamer type forum but doesn't want to jump into such a big pool to compete with others?


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Don't go for the generic gaming niche as that's been done before. Pick one game that you really love and specialize in it. Even a platform based forum is too broad as you'll be competing against a thousand other forums doing that now. The time for generic forums is over, get into a niche and make your mark.

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There are a lot of gaming forums but there is a high interest in these as well. I agree with Layla that picking one game to specialize in is a great way to go.

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Niche game forums will always be popular. And one of the things I like to see on a gamer site are subforums for specific games, not just all RPG or combat games lumped into one subforum. If I like a game, then I want a place where I can go to talk about that specific game without having to sort through other competing games of the genre. That might not answer the question of why there are so many gamer forums, but hopefully it will help you make your gamer forum more unique.

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There so many gaming forums, proof that gamers dominate the internet. I had tried joining a gaming forum once but I had difficulty with the boards because of specialization. Most gaming forum is themed on a specific game or games. That is more attractive to a gamer since it's like speaking in the same language.

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