How to get more real Youtube subscribers and comments on a gaming channel?

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How to get more real Youtube subscribers and comments on a gaming channel?

Recently, my daughter started her own gaming Youtube channel and I realize that's a very popular, over-populated niche. But it's her thing and something she wants to do, so why not. At the moment, she publishes every day, and would probably publish videos even if no one but family watched but I know her dreams are for more public fans. Just yesterday, she checked the channel and found two comments and is just over the moon happy with having real subscribers. How to get more real Youtube subscribers and comments on a gaming channel?

I have tried to give her some generic advice on getting real Youtube subscribers, but not sure it's helping. I want to be supportive of this, maybe it will turn into something big, maybe not.

I would love some advice that would help her to get real Youtube subscribers, no fake/no bots and most importantly Youtube comments from people watching. What are some of the best techniques used by Youtube gamers that result in not only subscribers but comments as well?


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I am not much into video publishing and not an expert in this area to give you right advices, but i guess optimizing videos, titles and descriptions will need to be done, so more people find her videos, that is very popular niche and no doubt she can build her audience quickly. For getting comments, i guess, best idea is that she actually ask visitors to comment while recording video, i have seen it as most efective way to get good comments. Best of luck for young lady How to get more real Youtube subscribers and comments on a gaming channel?

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Well let's see. This is a very popular question amongst YouTubers today. For both new and old channels alike. Some people don't have to do much as they already have very popular channels and tons of new subs every day. Think people like #PewDiePie, #VanossGaming, #Ali-A #TheDiamondMinecart etc etc.

But those same people started off with very small channels at first and didn't realize they was going to get as big as they did. They all have their own unique way of doing it which is what made them so popular and got them a lot of subs. Example; #PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) heavily interacts with his subscribers and mentions them in his videos when they say something or ask a question about a game he's playing/reviewing and uses it to build up a "bro army" and earns around $5 million to $8 million a year. #TheDiamondMinecart (Daniel Middleton), started off by showcasing Pokemon trading cards and then switched to Pokemon videos and now earns around $4 to $6 million a year. Social Blade has a list of the top 500 YouTube gaming channels by how much they're earning as well.

Just for some inspiration for you! But how can a new or growing YouTube gaming channel get more subscribers? Those top 100, top 500 YouTube gaming channel lists are a great way to get info on "how they done it" which can be really inspiring and motivating. One thing you'll learn is that they are all doing something unique in their own ways. There's lots of gaming channels out there that are all doing the same sort of thing, uploading games videos they've made of all the latest games, and old games too and all sorts. But it's such a massive niche and if you're only a small channel, it's super hard to compete against all the very big channels in the same niche.

Growing Your YouTube Channel with Social Media

If your main point of focus is on growing your YouTube channel, turning to Social Media could help with that. Most people that use YouTube will have at least one account on the other top Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ etc etc. So one should look to create an account on these other Social Media sites that are for the actual main YouTube channel. One would then have to build these up overtime as well by adding all their videos to it, following others, engaging with people, that sort of thing. Such as starting with a Facebook Page and then applying free Facebook Page promotional methods on it or even a Facebook Group too. Whichever Social Media site you're using, each will have their own way that you can promote them and get likes/fans/members etc which you can use to promote your actual YouTube videos and channel or. Let me break down the top 5 Social Media sites and how you can use them for that.

Facebook Page

With a Facebook Page you can collect fans for people that are interested in your type of videos. You can share (post) all your current YouTube videos to them and any new videos you post too. You'll need to get a lot of fans though and that will only really come about by promoting that Page. There are some good services on here that can do that for you (or you can do it yourself) by posting and promoting that Page on similar/related Facebook Pages and other places around the world like other Social Networking sites etc. Facebook Groups are also a great way to promote a Facebook Page seeing as they are already on Facebook and only have to click the "Like" button in that post on that Group without even having to leave the Group. You can keep posting on Facebook Groups everyday as well or hire a service on here for Facebook Group posting. Just choose the ones that post to Facebook YouTube Groups only.

Facebook Group

Groups are similar to Pages but more for all people to share and discuss things rather than the Page admin being the only one that can post to it. They can gain momentum quick quickly as well especially the gaming type groups. While you can post your own videos to your own group, other people will be posting theirs too so you may be inadvertently helping other channels to grow as well. Although that said, they can still be pretty useful for getting the word out about your YouTube channel and give you some nice exposure along the way. Not to try and sell my services to your daughter, but I have several FB group posting services on here that can do that but I'll have to make one more custom for YouTube gaming channels!


On Twitter there are a lot of gamers and it's not too hard to find them! All you need to do is create a Twitter account, make sure it has a catchy and easy to remember @handle (username). Add a nice attractive logo and cover and you're half way there. You will need a lot of followers though so when you "tweet" your new videos, more people will see it. One solid way of getting targeted Twitter followers is not only to search twitter for the sorts of games you're playing and follow those people in the hopes they follow back, but check the followers of other really big gaming accounts and follow their followers. Since they will have thousands of them and since there are so many of them, if only a quarter follow you back you'll still end up with thousands of REAL followers after a couple months. Plus there are many other ways of gaining real Twitter followers. Just check the FAQ here for Twitter Followers and you'll find tons of great tips. Just stay away from any of those services that promise to send you 100k followers for $1 or something. The only thing they're good for is getting your numbers up which can make people think you're account is super popular and then follow it from that but they wont be responsive to your tweets if they're fake!


There's a lot of gamers on Pinterest that are into all sorts of games. It's not just bored housewives into cupcakes and handbags! Besides, even some of them love to play console games too. But Pinterest can be a great way to promote your YouTube channel and get more subs. You'll need to create an account then you can create "Boards" which you can name after the games you play. Then you can pin other peoples pins to these boards and pin your own videos and things too. You'll need to get followers but your pins will still show to the rest of Pinterest even without them. It can take a while to create a fairly established Pinterest account with lots of boards. You can get invited to some big boards as well so that when you pin your videos to them more people see them. There's also lots of ways of promoting your Pinterest account too. Just stay away from those fake follower services that promise 100k followers for $1 or something!


Google+ Communities are my favorite number one way of promoting just about anything at the moment. But for promoting videos they are ace! There are many many BIG Google+ communities based on all sorts of videos from music videos to gaming videos. All you need to do is search for them, join them and post away! You'll need to use your Google+ profile of course but that's it. You should actively engage with other peoples posts as well though, give them +1's, say it's great, that kinda stuff. When people see you doing this, they'll respond and do the same for your videos too. A good (very good) trick is to post to multiple Google+ Video Communities using multiple Google+ accounts. You can post all your videos spread out across the day to around 50 communities and this can result in hundreds of views everyday.


Again, Tumblr is a massive resource for gamers, most Tumblr users are at the age where they love to play games. And you can find all sorts of gaming fans on there. You'll need to create a Tumblr account/profile, then populate it with your videos by sharing them to them and make sure you use tags and #hashtags in all your posts. Then you'll need to follow other related Tumblr accounts yadda yadda. It can take quite a while before you start building up quite a following but it can pay off when you have because your Tumblr account can get quite big so that it can be a very good tool in gaining REAL subscribers for your YouTube channel.

And of course, it's the same for other Social Media sites as well. So instead of having a website and driving traffic to that website, you do the same thing but for your YouTube channel instead. Make sure you link to your channel from all your social media sites of course!

And yeah, I hope this helps and power to your daughter! How to get more real Youtube subscribers and comments on a gaming channel?


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Hi bev I appreciate your daughter hard working and very welcome to make new YouTube channel.
I should say firstly for YouTube channel optimization. If channel well optimize by long tail keywords and description and if you can get some view fake or real with like and dislike and few subscribe, your daughter channel will show up first page with specific keywords. It is not too hard as per as I know. Just has to apply some techniques.

And another I will suggest to you make sure your social network are linked by your YouTube channel, so, that your fan can follow you wherever you may be active.

And follow a consistence posting schedule. If your viewers know that you will post a video around the same time every day, or every week, or every two weeks, if they want to watch then they will tune in. The more they do this, the more likely they are to commit to your channel. So, decide if this is viable, and if it is then let your viewers know and stick to the schedule.

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I think a good idea is to make partnerships with forums in your niche and in your case gaming forums. This is a very competitive market so marketing is very important. Even just a link exchange with an active forum will do a lot. I recommend that you try to target some mid sized forums as large forums may not want to partner up with smaller channels. Personally, I have tried this method for my forum by trying to do link exchanges with other websites and I find that a lot of popular websites tend to reject me even though I have decent traffic. Another good way is to make partnerships with other YouTube channels not in your niche. I doubt other popular gaming channels will be sending traffic your way so you do need to aim for channels not in your niche. Personally, I see people who use this method the other way round and it has worked. Other than link exchange, try to get YouTube channels to give you shoutouts and threads for your YouTube channel on gaming forums.

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Wow, your daughter have her own Youtube channel? That's amazing. I'm glad you're supportive but I couldn't have imagined otherwise as you're a freelancer yourself. How to get more real Youtube subscribers and comments on a gaming channel?

However, one of the first things I would like to say is.. As I don't know how old she is or how affected she would be due to nasty comments and such, please do keep an eye on the comments. Internet can be a mean and nasty place. No matter how old you are, but it's usually easier to look the other way so to speak, when you're older.

With that being said,

  • Publish videos often.
  • A special "niche" could work well.
  • Add audio/webcam to the video so people can hear/see her.
  • Add texts like "OMG! LOL!?! THIS HAPPENED!" and show something funny.

It's really basics but things like that do work wonders. Also, to gain more comments, as you already know, respond to all of the comments one by one. ;)

PS. Share the channel url and she'll get another comment How to get more real Youtube subscribers and comments on a gaming channel?

Best Regards,

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I love this place for extra activity.

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