Did you ever use Windows App Studio?

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Did you ever use Windows App Studio?

I just find this post regarding Windows App Studio which looking amazing and easy to use tool to create a hosted web app. As it says:

developers can turn a website into a Universal Windows Platform app in record time.Even if you’re not a coder, turning a great idea into a killer app for Windows Store has never been easier.

If you ever used it so far, i would like to hear your review and experience as it sounds good to me. So please share your thoughts on this one. I would appreciate it.


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Never heard of it but that is pretty cool! Have you made anything with it so far?

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No, never used it. I just found it, but i will definitely try how it work so i will share my thoughts

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I've never used the app studio, but it seems very easy and anyone can create Universal Windows Platform apps for windows 10 devices. Is perfect tool even if you are not a coder , you can create amazing things there.

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I never used but I made some research about it and it seems that the App Studio is most useful for informational apps. So it can be used by companies, bloggers and event organizers to create a Windows and Windows Phone app so as to supplement their site. It is quite easy to use, and very similar to a basic web site builder actually. Windows App Studio offers a good number of templates to start with, and one can create a number of features, including a Facebook page feed, Rss feeds, Html, a Youtube search/channel, and a Bing search.

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I have not used the Windows App Studio. So thank you for directing me on that. I have used XAMARIN which is now part of the Visual Studio. This app also does the same work as the Windows App Studio. As you can see that this app can do wonders for you. I have realized that Windows app is very interesting. I think it'd be good to convert the website RSS feed to Windows universal app this way. Looks very interesting.

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