What is your favourite antivirus?

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What is your favourite antivirus?

Having a good antivirus is very important because it will protect your computer. This is extremely important if you buy things online because fraudsters will try to take your card details via putting viruses on your computer. Therefore, it is essential that you have a good antivirus. What is your favourite antivirus?

I currently using Kaspersky Internet Security and I love it. I looked at reviews and tests and they seem to be getting good results so I decided to go for it. It has managed to block many viruses and I am pretty happy with its performance. Which antivirus do you think is the best?


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I used kaspersky in the past and loved it What is your favourite antivirus?

Right now I'm a big fan of malwarebytes because not only is it cheap, but it's pretty affective What is your favourite antivirus? I pair it up with a few small things like ccleaner and defragler and I've never had a problem in the virus department since I bought it. I tried out the free version for a while and decided to upgrade and get auto scans every night. With the free version I don't think you can get the scheduled scans, but this was about 2 years ago when I subscribed to it so they might have changed their terms and features for the free version.

What is everyone else using?

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Yes, I have used Malewarebytes in the past and it was very effective. The free version wasn’t that good though but the paid version was extremely good for dealing with maleware with the extra features and as you said, it is very cheap. However, I didn’t really like the fact that it is only effective for maleware and doesn’t providing total protection which means I need another antivirus software. There, I went with Kaspersky and it seems to be quite good with both maleware and virus detection so I am only using that at the moment.

Has anyone used Bitdefender? I looked at reviews and they seem to be very good too.

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Can't really say which one is best, but i am using Avast for few years now and i am very happy with that. Nice features and constant updates are awesome

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its depends on what our need..
but for personal use,,i merely use eset nod 32, its very lightly ,good portection,,
i have been using 2 years,,the first one iam also use avast but i thought its to heavy for minimum specs com,,

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To be honest, I usually don't use Antivirus. I hate these kind of software as they often have annoying pop-ups, telling me about updates, warnings and all that, and I just hate it. Don't get me wrong here, I do understand that they are important to minimize the risk for scams and virus and all that, and I do use Avast.

However, the main reason I hate these kind of things is because they won't allow me to do whatever I want, without granting permissions and such, which is another thing I hate about it. I usually have Avast installed for a few months, making backups of any important documents or files and re-install windows. On my "working station" that is.

I don't have Antivirus installed on my Gaming Rig at all. Perhaps because I'm "old school" and believe that my gaming experience would be affected, I don't know really.. But yeah, that's the way it is.

Best Regards,

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Hi MasterA I agree with you. An anti virus very important for any operating system to protect computer from any threat. And as a freelancer it may more necessary to protect online data I mean internet security. I do not say exactly which one best. But I used several antivirus over many years. Firstly I was used Mcafee first few years and after I used kaspersky internet security and that was really working fine and after expired I purchased another new software like K7 internet security, And finally I used norton antivirus. If I said according to my overall experience I should say kaspersky is best among all. And recently I do not use any premium antivirus. I use now Microsoft security essential and it is working fine to me.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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I know that Antivirus is important if you want to be a bit sure that you are safe. However I have to agree with hitmeasap that I just cannot stand the nagging pop ups and the fact that I would have to pay for it. Currently I have the AVG antivirus and even though I like the fact that I have some sort of peace of mind I am not inclined to go beyond the current free version that I have. Actually to be honest it has been telling me every day that the version is about to expire and I have not done anything about it to be honest.

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Personally i'm not fan of antivirus softwares, i use only extra firewalls. I'm not worried about viruses because i know where and what to click. But if you would ask me what antivirus to choose , i'd suggest Bitdefender. However, there's nothing that can protect you if you will click and download everything.

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When we bought our desktop in 2009, a computer vendor gave us a free licensed installer of Symantec which is an effective anti-virus software because it doesn’t drag the speed of the computer unlike the free anti-virus software that we are using now. However, I don’t want to spend for the license that’s why we are using the free downloadable installer of Avast and AVG.

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