How do you determine the best PPC network to use on a new website?

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How do you determine the best PPC network to use on a new website?

When I'm launching a new website I always think of how I can get the quickest traffic that will turn into sales. The route I always take is a PPC platform like adwords or adcenter (Bing and Yahoo). I've tried 7search and was only disappointed with the conversions. I was getting over 1,000 clicks per day and not a single sale to my $10 items, pretty crappy. I'm sure 7search has it's benefits, but I didn't figure them out in the time I was using them for sales How do you determine the best PPC network to use on a new website?

What's your main PPC network to generate traffic for a new website?

I personally like adwords if I can afford it for the niche I'm targeting. Some of my niches in adwords are $15 or more per click, which is insane and I can't compete with that. I try to stay in the $1.00 or less range if I can. Sometimes I'll up it to the $2.50 if I know I can close a client on a $500 service and I can do it within 100 clicks. This basically doubles my money, but the lower you can pay for acquiring the client, the better your profits are obviously.

I do like advertising on Bing and Yahoo! but I tend to just break even over there. I'll spend $100 and profit $100. I do have a website that is suppose to launch at the end of this month that is a subscription based service, maybe that will work well on Bing and Yahoos advertising platform. What do you think?

Any advice you guys and girls can give me on advertising platforms would be helpful. I do like to think I already know a lot about the platforms, but there's always tid bits of information that slip by and never seen again until someone else brings them up How do you determine the best PPC network to use on a new website?


- Razzy


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I personally think Facebook advertising is one of the best. I have got the best conversion rate from them and it has a pretty reasonable price. Pretty much everyone has Facebook nowadays so Facebook will have a very good reach. BuySellAds is also a pretty good place to advertise your website. They only accept high quality websites and there are lots of very popular websites there although I personally only advertised in the webmaster niche. The conversion rate was okay but the Facebook conversion rate was higher. I normally just test different PPC networks and choose the best. Even if one network worked for you before, it may not work for you for a different project.

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I've never had a great experience with facebook advertising. Maybe I was doing something wrong and didn't target the correct audience, but I'm sure I did everything right How do you determine the best PPC network to use on a new website? Every time I get a good campaign going I look through it a bit more and realize that all, or most, of my traffic is coming from mobile devices. And as we all know, people browsing on their phones aren't as likely to buy a service as opposed to people who are on their desktops and laptops.

As for BuySellAds, I have a bunch of ads through them and some are great while others are complete garbage. But you won't know what's good and what's bad until you buy one of the ads and monitor it. I've seen a few times where an ad will boast that they are getting 900,000 impressions but after I purchase the ad spot I'll get 20 clicks. Can we say inflation of your traffic? Yup!

Paying for a ppc campaign has turned out much more successful for me in the past but I'm always up for new ideas since every platform is continually changing and trying to bring in new customers/clients. A while back I was paying $0.25 per click on a keyword that now charges $3.00 per click. If I were to target the same keyword I'd go broke trying to obtain a client for my services How do you determine the best PPC network to use on a new website? I just wish the advertising platforms were the same as they were back in the glory days lol How do you determine the best PPC network to use on a new website?



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Yes, unfortunately, results with PPC are not as good as they used to be, as you mentioned. I personally saw a decrease in conversion rates these days compared to a few years ago. The popularity of adblockers also doesn’t help and sometimes you just lose out on some quality traffic as a result. I think you just have to use trial and error to find the best PPC network or at least this has worked for me. Have you tried CPM ad networks? I have heard that some people had some success using them although I haven’t tried any CPM networks yet.

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PPC is considered as a relatively low cost marketing option and it can help to get you more leads quickly. However, you need to consider the costs involved, especially if you are on a tight budget. Google AdWords is considered to be one of the best, but there are other PPC networks you could check out as well. I have heard that Chitika, AdEngage, and are quite good. Rather than focusing too much on the cost I would suggest bearing in mind that the key is to strike the right balance in the ad reach you will be defining. If you go for something broad you will end up wasting money on several useless clicks, but if you narrow it too much you will not manage to get much traffic.

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I think which PPC may work or may not work depends on the type of the website. And I think it'd be reasonable to see how the PPC network may or may not work. You can make use of the PPC ads from multiple networks. And from there you can get yourself few leads. This may mean you would have to understand that such networks are dependent on audience.

For example Facebook may work for the stores and shops. And the adwords may work for the affiliate products and the other types of the services. So I think context would vary depending on the results and what you can show.

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