Which is best extended or short domain names?

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Which is best extended or short domain names?

Hi we know domain names are often of any length up to sixty-seven characters.

I would like to know which domain name is better for website long or short?

Having said that, there seems to be some disagreement regarding whether an extended or short domain name is best.

Some argue that shorter domain names are easier to recollect, easier to type and far less susceptible to mistakes. Others argue that an extended name is sometimes easier on the human memory.

Some of these arguments are literally educational. It's progressively troublesome to get short meaningful domain names. If you manage to get a brief domain name although, the keys to create certain it is a meaningful combination of characters and not the obscure.

What about you?

Thanks by Ajlancer


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I guess it depends which way you looking at that and what exactly you wish to achieve. Some people like short domain names because they are easy to remember for returning visitors, other people looking for brand names included in domain name, then some people want brendable domains, while some people don't worry about length if they targeting to have keyword targeted domain name depending to the niche of website they building. So you have decide for your self, first what is your main target, out of these few i mentioned here to find right answer for you. There is no general answer to all domain names.

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There are advantages with longer domains names; for example, sometimes longer domain names are easier to remember if they are made up of multiple common words. However, at the same time, shorter domain names are quicker to type and sometimes also easier to remember. Generally shorter domain names seem to be more favourable than longer domain names and some very short domain names are also very valuable. I normally go with slightly longer domain names but not too long. I normally don’t exceed 20 characters for domain names as anything above 20 is too long. Overall, there are advantages for both and there is no better one; however, it depends on your website as well.

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I tend to go for the shorter domain names myself, but I have seen domains with 4 or even 5 words in them. The 4 or 5 word domain names are more for a gimmick than an actual business that someone is trying to build up. An example would be where they basically set up something for people to share that for some reason asked a question but never checked on Google. They did purchase the domain because it's shorter and after they branded letmegooglethatforyou it was redirected to So many people still type in letmegooglethatforyou because that's what they saw for so long and that's what it was branded as. It's a long shot, but a longer domain name can be branded.

Now for a shorter domain name it's much easier to brand. It's easier to brand because people can remember the domain a lot easier. Make the domain catchy and it could even go viral. I tend to target domain names that are two words long because I can get my keyword in there and add something catchy at the same time. I'll also make sure it has no more than 4 syllables within the the whole domain name. The first word can have two syllables and the second can have the other two syllables. Or do a 3 and 1 combo, just as long as it has 4 syllables or less in order to stay short and sweet.

If your domain is long or short, just make sure its memorable. Start branding it so that people will share it.



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Hello Ajlancer,
Here's a bit of information I found on this topic. They use Facebook, and the previous "" domain (which was in use until 2005) as an example.

From a website developer's point-of-view, shorter domain names are better in a number of ways. Chances are, somebody knew about these reasonings and decided to make the change early on before it became a problem in the future.

Readability - it's much easier to read rather than at a single glance.

Memorability - Shorter domains are much easier to remember, which means more returning visitors and more potential for viral sharing.

Search Engines - Most search engines remove "stop-words" such as "the" from searches, which means there wouldn't be much advantage to having it in the domain name when people searched for their website. Search engines also prefer shorter domain names for the websites they index.

With that being said, I'm personally more fond of shorter names. It's easier for me to remember, like IMDb for instance. I frequently visit IMDb as it's short and easy to remember but I would never visit ? I wouldn't even remember the domain, even though it's still straight to the point.

Best Regards,

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I prefer short domain names as chances are that the longer it is, the more one is going to forget it. Apart from the fact that longer ones pose a problem when it comes to typing as it is easy to forget hitting a letter, or be unsure how to spell certain words. So to be on the safe side short domain names seem to be much better. Having said that it is often quite difficult to come up with a short domain name that makes sense, and there is also the issue that it is difficult to include keywords in a short domain name.

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Hi anwebservices I agree with you. Short domain name or long domain name, which is better it is up to user mind and there is no general answer to all domain names whether long or short. Sometimes it is easy to memorize to short name but sometimes it is easy to memorize difficult or long name too. But more then I insist brand name for domain name. And I think it is more importance rather extended domain name or short domain name. I just show up few example in my question and personally I prefer short domain name for any website. Which I think more easy to write on browser. But do not forget your meta keyword which starting of on-page SEO.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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short names are always better. If you use a short domain name, you are likely to get more direct traffic because people can easily remember short domain name. Let me exemplify.
You sell SEO service, you want to launch your website, you have two choices for the domain name
buy seo service from seo expert
best seo
The first one contains two primary keywords seo service" and "seo expert"
The second one only has one keyword "best seo.
Since the second one is two word, it has better chances of being catchy and easy to remember.

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