What are some nice places to promote SEOClerks affiliate store?

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What are some nice places to promote SEOClerks affiliate store?

It is true that using affiliate system of SEOClerks anyone can make decent money. It is also proved that creating affiliate store is the best way to get new affiliate members. However I am not sure what are the best places to promote the store so that I can get new member to join?


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I've always had really good success with forum marketing and participation. The key is to become part of the forum community and over time, you will establish your credibility and establish trust. If you go in with the mindset of spamming links and ads, you will get banned quickly. Take some time to really contribute to the community, (whether a Facebook/Google group) or forum and you'll have more response when you finally add your signature link.

Another option is to drive your potential affiliates from your signature link to an email list sign up or Facebook group they can join, so you can more fully provide affiliate support for people wanting to join your affiliate program.

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Hello Topseoservice,
It's true that Affiliate stores can be an extremely good source for gaining affiliate members. There's a bunch of people doing this and some of them have obviously had better results compared to others. That said, I'm not personally one of those fond of affiliate stores, and I'm not using one. The best part with having one, would obviously be the passive income & the passive method of gaining affiliate members. With that being said, no matter if you have Affiliate stores or websites, you'll need to drive traffic.

I would recommend these Q&A's:
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All of these Q&A's contains valuable information and as all three of them are on-going discussions, there will most likely be even more contribution within them in the nearest future. Good luck!

Best Regards,

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Hi Topseoservice, your SEOClerks affiliate store is just a website like any other (more or less) so you can promote it in all the places where you can promote that type of website. Its an affiliate site, so that means you wouldn't want to promote it on places that are about flower or puppies or racing cars etc. But you might want to promote it on places like SEO / IM forums etc etc. Actually, considering that the store will cover many aspects of things from photography to writing, from traffic to video to much more. There are many places where you can promote it.

So for example, if you wanted to promote some art & design, banner & logo creation services, you might want to promote those types of services on those types of forums around that kind of thing. There's many forums like that and blogs too you can do that on. Or as another example, if you wanted to promote some of the music related services here, you could promote them on music related forums and blogs and social media pages as well. And so on for the different services that you have on your affiliate store.

Forums are an excellent place to promote just about anything because there are forums out there that cover just about everything. It can take a little while longer to do because you can't just join create threads in the right places you need to on those forums as a new member so you may have to participate in those forums first, actively posting in peoples threads, replying to their topics etc, increasing your post count and credibility on those forums as you go. Then after a while, when you've built up some respect, you can then make your posts promoting your services on here using your affiliate links or promoting your own site whether in a post or simply in your sig.

Social media is also an excellent place to promote your affiliate store. Whether that's with a Facebook Page or Twitter profile or even a Google+ profile/page or community. Also you can promote on some of these places without even having one of those. Example, you can promote your affiliate store or SEOClerks services with your affiliate URL on other peoples Facebook Pages and Groups. And you can join any Google+ community and post to them straight away. The same for other social media sites that offer public places to post to like these.

Pinterest is now allowing affiliate links in pins again, so you can promote your affiliate store, its pages etc and SEOClerks services with your affiliate URL on Pinterest too now. Check out my recent discussion on How to Use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing Now They Allow Affiliate URLs in Pins Again. It's looking very promising for affiliate marketers to use and harness its potential to make a lot of money with.

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Hi Topseoservice yes you know exactly SEOclerks one of the tope marketplace who provide very good amount of affiliate commission and now more than 10% according to new change and if you set customize commission for your client. And affiliate store on of the best effective way to offer your service to other and by the way you will get affiliate commission and member too. And here many successful affiliate marketer do same things for getting affiliate. And I mostly prefer social promotion got get affiliate like Facebook, twitter etc. And I sued also Facebook as service for promoting affiliate. And forum post another great way to promote affiliate which Beverly already pointed.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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The best way to promote it in my opinion is by posting in forums that have to do with SEO, making money online and similar topics. Obviously you cannot just post the link and stop there. You need to do it wisely and in an informative manner, while subtly indicating that it is a great place where you could get more info. Choose forums wisely and check if you are allowed to share the link as you do not want to end up getting banned. You should also use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Try to create a group or a page where you can promote it to people who are truly interested.

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In my own case, i make use of banner advertising in websites that record a large number of visitors traffic but note that it is not just any website but sites that are related to SEO, website designs, internet marketing etc. Creating of social media pages like Facebook page can also help in getting likes from persons who might be interested in your affiliate offer too. You can even promote the page by buying Facebook ads and choosing locations and niche. another good place is SEO internet forums where you can submit your link as a signature of which you must have gained credibility, trust and prestige among other contributors too.

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It is important that you target the right niche. For example, try to target webmasters and forum admins. Webmaster and admin forums are very good places to promote your affiliate store as the members there are more likely to be interested in SEO Clerks. Try to aim for any type of forum that allows advertising that has lots of webmasters, admins, SEO learners or experts and freelancers. Social media is also good places to promote your store but make sure you focus on pages related to the niche I mention. You may also want to check out this on how to increase your affiliate earnings.

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