Posting flyers- does it still work for Cpa?

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Posting flyers- does it still work for Cpa?


Does posting flyers on schools and universities still get results as I have not noticed if the gurus do it anymore. I was wondering if it still works.


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Not unless you're a member of that school or university. You can't just walk into a school/university/college and start handing out flyers and leaflets without the permission of that school/university today obviously because of all the recent security issues. Also if you want to do it to promote a CPA offer for yourself there is no way they will allow that and rightly so too. But if it was for something that was actually valuable for the students such as some recreational or educational course or something that might fly otherwise no chance.

Plus flyers and leaflets don't really convert that well because people still have to visit the URL manually on their mobile or go back to their PC/laptop with it to visit it. You can use a QR code so that people can just scan it with their mobile and then be taken to that link though.

There are tons of free online QR Code Generators. They just create a blocky pixilated square that people can take a picture of on the phone. They will need to have a QR reader app though to be able to do that but QR codes are becoming very popular these days for that reason.

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Pizza shops do this a lot of this type of posting in the USA. The average return is about .001% at best. The goal here is name recognition and fast and easy access to the shops phone number. It is important for consistent monthly placement of flyers so, when people are ready to buy they'll either remember your name (website) or look at the flyer that they saw and then ring you up.

Tip: Posting should always have the flyer hanging at EYE LEVEL IN BRIGHT COLORS with a tear off pull tab at the bottom with your number and product on the pull-tab. (You can staple/tape 6-10 tear off pull off sheets at the bottom so you don't have to visit as frequently to replace the flyer. This way you get 50 pull tabs instead of just 10). Post at busy high traffic restaurants or other venues where thousands of people will see your flyer. Always get permission from the owner first before posting at a private establishment. Oh yeah, always try to post indoors or, you'll have to weather proof your flyers.

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I wouldn't think you could do it as well at colleges and universities since so many people are on their phones now. Even if you pass out 1,000 flyers to people walking around, you'd probably get 1 person to look up the site or offer. Now if you gave out flyers with mobile offers, you'd probably have a higher success rate, but still it wouldn't be great.

I've done flyers in the past, not for college students but for actual businesses. Well, they were door hangers, but that's pretty close ;)

We paid our designer $40 to make the front and back designs of the door hangers and then we purchased 1,000 from I think Vista Print. We paid a little extra for high gloss and so they wouldn't fade in the sun just in case the business wasn't going to be open for another day or so. I think in total we paid around $300 for the designs and 1,000 door hangers. We wend out at night, after 9pm, and started hanging these on businesses in various towns around us. We went out from 9pm to around 2am and got about 500 of them done, about half of what we had. The next day we went out and did the other 500 in different towns just to get a maximum exposure. After about 10 hours of work and 1,000 door hangers later we were finished and had to wait for our phone to ring. Our phone didn't ring for 2 weeks until one of the companies called us and wanted to talk about their websites. After talking a bit they wanted to have us work on one of their sites and we signed a month to month contract at $1,650 a month for at least 3 months.

What I spent:
$40 for the door hanger design
$260 for the door hangers to be printed and shipped to us.
10 hours of time was invested

What we made:
1 client
3 month contract
$1,650 per month

Made: $4,950
Profit: $3,500

It's possible to make money off of this type of advertising, you just have to do a lot of it. I had 1 person contact me out of those 1,000 door hangers and if they didn't sign up I would have been in the whole for $300. I assume if I wasn't selling something that was at least $500 I would have had more sign ups. But I like to go big or go home ;)



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