What do you love most about SEOClerks?

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What do you love most about SEOClerks?

For me, SEOClerks was a life changer and there are so many things I love about this site, but I want to hear your point of view.

What do you love most about SEOClerks? Why do you choose this Marketplace to sell your services or products? Also, what one or two things would you change or add if you could?


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Everything! Firstly, I love the site because it helps me pay my bills and put some decent food on the table! I love all the diversity of the site and all the different services there are here. You can get literally anything you want to help you get ahead in some way. And even it's not currently on the site and there isn't a service for it, you can create a WTB and request it and chances are someone will be able to do it. So you can find professional services by professionals for big things and you can find a freelancer for the small things you need done too.

I love the people that are on the site, a great marketplace is only as great as the people that are on it. That goes not just for the sellers and other freelancers here but for the staff as well. They're always happy to help and very fair in all things you can't ask more than that.

That's awesome how it the site has been a life changer for you. It has been for lots of people here as well. I would go so far to say that it has been for me as well as I don't know where I'd be without it let alone how much better off I would be because of it. And there is still a lot of opportunity and so many ways to use the site to make more money as well. The future is very bright for all SEOClerks users!

I can't think of anything that I would change. Changes have happened as and when they were needed, if they were needed. Plus the new changes that were implemented a while back in 2013 have pretty much included all there was needed to and are some of the other reasons what makes SEOClerks such a pleasure to use! What do you love most about SEOClerks?

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Hi Bev for me also SEOclerks completely life changer. Since I join here I love everything on SEOclerks. Question to me why I do not love SEOclerks? Answer is there has no single reason to do not love SEOclerks. I love to do work here such trust marketplace which give me very solvent and dependable life. I love to do work here as Moderator on FAQ and forum. I love to do work with such great team, who really hard working every moment to ensure user rights. I love all SEOclerks staffs and their hard working. I do not find any single things to change further on SEOclerks. But I can expect and I want to see after 4 or 5 years SEOclerks will become number 1 SEO marketplace in the world. And I believe Jordan and his team like Beverly can make dream come true.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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What I love the most about SEOClerks..
I made a video about this more than 2 years ago. You can find it below:

With that being said, the reason I stick with SEOClerks is mainly because of three things.
  • I love the people (both staff, moderators, buyers and sellers.)
  • SEOClerks allows you to become successful by giving you outstanding tools for free. (the bump feature, status updates, profile followers etc.)
  • And finally, because SEOClerks truly is more for the users rather than for the owners. (Which is very rare in my opinion.)

I've been a member since Jun 18, 2012 and will stay many years to come. The thing is, even if you get orders or are buying services, or even if you don't do any of that, you are always welcome. Hang around in the FAQ or in the Forum. Use the WTB or WTT sections, interact with clients or prospects. You can literally live your whole life online here.. And if you want to, you can also make or save money while you're here. That's the reasons I stay. I love it.

One or two things I would change or add..?
That's a tricky question. I would probably implement some sort of chat. A support chat for "easy" support issues you can handle quickly. The second thing I would do, would probably be to add some sort of "auction house" function perhaps. Kind of like the WTB section but quicker and for physical products only. "What you see is what you get" and users would place their bid during a fixed amount of time. During 5 hours, 10 hours, 24 hours or something like that. And, when the time is up, the highest bidder wins.

Best Regards,

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yes,I firmly believe that nothing is better than seoclerks in the case of life change.

I loved it for two reasons :
1. Always friendly behavior by staff.
2.Dedicated moderator's, Those who always try to solve any problem at any moment.

Since I'm still a new, yet for now could not find anything to change.However, as soon as I get something , I must write about it.


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What I love most about SEOClerks is the diversity. There are so many different services here at SEOClerks from SEO services to brand building. Not only that but there are also so many experts in the different areas who are always very helpful. There are also so many useful resources in the community discussion section and forum. As a webmaster, I can get everything I need here from tips to improve my revenue to SEO services to boost my rankings. The members and staff here are very friendly and it has a very strong community feel which I cannot find in other marketplaces.

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Seoclrks is very warm and welcoming community and i love it in general since i joined this marketplace. To me, everything looks in order. Staff team is allways looking after it's members, specially with constantly adding new features to improve our sales. Awesome affiliate system is another great thing here... I love everything about Seoclerks and i really feel at home here, completely relaxed to do my daily business as a freelancer. Special thanks to all staff team!

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To me it was also a life changer. I am so thankful I came across this site two years ago. I started little by little and by now I have several clients who order often. As a result I have regular work, as well as the pleasant feeling that my services are appreciated.

The site itself is nicely laid out, well maintained, and support is excellent. No other site offered me prompt responses as SeoClerks.

The opportunities here are endless, and the number of people that can see your services is very high as there are thousands of members with the reputation the site has.

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Since I got my first order, there was no looking back. And its because I love everything about SeoClerks. Whenever I get any chance, I recommend SeoClerks to others. I remember in the very beginning I had some issues and contacted SeoClerks helpdesk. My matter was resolved very quickly and I knew this is the place to work. Although I love everything about this marketplace, if you want me to point out a single thing it would be its customer support.

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