How do you save important docs and useful links?

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How do you save important docs and useful links?

I want to know how you save your important docs and URLs that you need or use often? How do you find them, by search or do you index them in some way? I use gmail but that gmail is not very safe. I want a safer and easier way. Any suggestions?


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I use Google Drive as well. I have the smallest paid plan which is 100Gb. I'm at around 85Gb now and will upgrade to the 1Tb version soon. For documents, I print and file them, then save them to Google Drive (or vice versa - scan them from physical copy). On Google drive, I have a categorical system by business type/name, year, name. For example:

Business 1 / Expenses / 2016 / Webhosting / Linode / invoice-may-001.pdf
Business 1 / Expenses / 2016 / Advertisement / Adwords / invoice-jan-1st.pdf
Business 1 / Taxes / 2015 / PayPal / Statements / monthly-balance-sheet-feb.pdf

With Google Drive, it syncs to all of my computers. I have three which it syncs to and all three are backed up daily (actually, hourly, whenever I use my computer it makes an incremental backup). In other words, I have multiple, redundant copies of everything important.

For websites, I just bookmark them. I don't actually have very many that matter. The ones I can't live without, I can remember.

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Hey sanfora,
This is a really good question. I usually bookmark certain sites I found interesting and I do also save lots of useful links in a .txt document on my desktop. That way, I always find whatever site I'm looking for. However, I would never save my passwords and/or accounts the same way, which I know many others who does. I think it's a huge risk and I'm not willing to take such risks with my accounts. No matter the type of account it is. Regarding gmail or any other email, I do keep a lot of my emails in different folders/categories so it's easier to find them whenever I need to. It's often very time consuming to search among all your mails to find one specific etc. So by doing this, I save myself quite amount of time.

Best Regards,

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Great question Sanfora. For important documents, I normally save a copy onto my Google drive and memory stick. There is also a copy of if on my PC so there are 3 copies in total. If it is a very important document, then I wouldn’t recommend Google Drive as there is a possibility that it can get hacked. In that case, I would put it on multiple memory sticks/hard drives and keep them at a safe place. For links, I just use the bookmark option and sometimes, put it onto my email and send it back to myself so I also have a copy online in case anything goes wrong with my bookmark options.

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For links that i would like to remember to visit in the future I use bookmarks, and sometimes I copy and paste the link in the document that relates to it.

For important documents I use Google Drive and sometimes also save on an external hard drive just to make sure I am safe. I sometimes save on pendrives too.

If it is something for future reference I sometimes end up composing a draft email in the main email account I use, so that it helps me remember too because whenever I see 'Drafts (1)' in the list, I sort of know that there is something I need to remember.

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Hi thanks for very good question and every day we have to do to save our importance document and if I see any importance website too.
I mostly use extendable hard drive to save my importance document and pendrive too. And Google drive another source which I use most. I have 1 TB free space on Google drive and for online application if see anything importance, I make it as bookmark for further access. And I use Google chrome for making bookmark usually. I do not use email for save any document and I feel it complex to access from anywhere. Rather I save importance email to create personal folder in email.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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It is our habit to save important files on our archive disk. For the useful links, it is saved in the favorites although I also keep a copy on a word document for safety. We used to have an account for cloud storage but Google Drive had stopped its support for Windows XP so it is not available anymore on our home desktop. That’s also the case of Dropbox. But if you can avail of cloud storage, that would be a good storage for your important files.

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