What factors to consider when choosing a hosting plan for your site?

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What factors to consider when choosing a hosting plan for your site?

There are various things you need to consider as this decision will ultimately effect the efficiency of your site. You cannot focus on the price only, even though this is what most people tend to do. Yes, you need to stick to a budget, but ultimately you also need to take into account the needs of your site. A shared hosting plan may be okay to start with but you need to consider the option of transitioning to a dedicated server later on. Bandwidth, customer support and script support should also be checked out. It is best to look up customer reviews for some enlightenment before you pick a hosting company.


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When looking for a host, the most important thing is to look at reviews. That is the first thing I look at, if reviews are bad and I can’t see evidence that the host has at least 99.9% uptime, then I will not consider that host. After you find a host that have good reviews, you should make sure that they have 24/7 support and I would test their customer service by going to their live chat at different times and ask different questions. If they don’t have a live chat, that is a very big put off. Normally, they will suggest you a plan if the hosting company is good and the hosting package depends on your needs. When you are starting off, a shared hosting plan is fine but later you may want to upgrade to a VPS server.

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Hi I am seeking a so many factors before purchasing any hosting. I am mostly use some big hosting company like godady, arvixe etc. Before purchasing specially I am looking as below:
> Service package price as my convenient
> And unlimited hosting , unlimited bandwidth and should be unlimited Storage
> Number of account per server
> And hosting company has to has data security and information service
> Easy site builder service
> Free domain service
> Malware and spam protection service
> Google tools for websites including Adwords, sitemap, site search, etc
> Online store and selling tools service
> And hosting company must to give Money back guarantee even for 30 days
> Support Services as like 24/7 type support and rapid response are perfectly reasonable demands
> And phone support too

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consider how big is your site (and mysql database if you use one), count how many visitor you expect and multiply that number by webpage size once it is loaded by a visitor. Get 200% more data transfer than what you calculate.

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When I was ready to host my first site, I considered following points
Hosting Package
Reputation of the host
I wanted a hosting plan that was cheap. Since I was starting out, I did not want to spend a lot of money. I checked various kinds of hosting and decided to stay with shared hosting because it was cheap. Even though there was a limitation on disk space and bandwith, I chose a shared hosting package because my site was new

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I consider how much traffic I have, the price of the hosting, how long they have been around and I check reviews.

P.S. I recently moved from a VPS back to a shared hosting company and every day I keep hitting the limit of the shared hosting account. So I am going to be moving back to a VPS. But not right away. I am going to take my time and learn everything I need to learn about a unmanaged VPS.

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I guess the most important factor in choosing a hosting provider is the cost. No one can beat that. It wouldn’t matter if the track record of the provider is perfect and the speed of the hosting is awesome but if you cannot afford it then for sure you will not avail of it. From what I know, host providers are also balancing their act with the quality versus the cost because a high quality service will cost more and there might not be clients.

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