Does outsourcing pbn services still work?

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Does outsourcing pbn services still work?

Does outsourcing PBN services still work nowadays. Many people sell these services and competition is high and people offer it at very low prices, so maybe it's not a profitable niche to pursue.


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It can be profitable but it depends on various factors. First on your competition, then SERP of your PBN sites, their DA, PA, TF and CF measurements. Whenever competition rises in some market, the prices as dropping down, but if you have really good quality service and PBN to offer, you can keep price higher then others and it will sell. Right customers will recognize right and quality service, no matter what the price is.

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Outsourcing your private blog network creation is risky since a ton of people can offer the service because they are using software to do the work.

It's best to take your time on your own private blog networks since you'll have full control over them and what content goes on them. You can also remove links, add links, add content, and whatever else you need to if you want. You can treat them like an actual website and build them up then monitize them using adsense or different ads from niche related websites.

You can get a full network of blogs set up for a few dollars but the risk involved there is that the blogs may get deleted right away due to being flagged as an auto made blog and get removed right away. I use to use a private blog network creation service where you'd pay for a network to be set up and you'd get whatever stuck. I'd pay for 25 blogs and after a week I'd have 7 that were still live because the others were deleted by the administrators or removed automatically after creation.

In the end, do the private blog network creation yourself and focus more on the SEO and linking for them. Build links to your private blog network and make sure the pages have optimized content in order to rank. After that, add some adsense lines on there and see if you can make a few bucks while the pages are passing an SEO benefit Does outsourcing pbn services still work?



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I do not know the answer. I developing a private blog network in health niche the sites are called (not launched yet) and My idea of developing PBN is to publish niche contents and do affiliate marketing. I am yet to benefit from my PBN, therefore, I do not know whether outsourcing PBN works or not.

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Yes, it does work. I see so many sellers here reselling the PBN services. You may feel free to resell our PBN services as well. We don't use any software and we don't use any spun content on our blogs. Only handwritten content on high DA/PA blogs.

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