What was your first affiliate marketing success?

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What was your first affiliate marketing success?

Most successful affiliate marketers got into the affiliate game in some way or another. Some people accidently stumble into it from something else. Some people literally search in Google for "affiliate marketing" and then go from there. Personally, my first success in affiliate marketing was around the time mobile phone recycling kicked off and I used to dominate the SERPs for "sell your mobile" and "mobile phone recycling". But eventually as it started dying down, I flipped my sites to some guy from Mazuma mobile.

But what was your first affiliate marketing success? How did you come to be in the affiliate marketing game? Did you get into it from something else or did you just one day decide to get into it and become an affiliate for someone and then made your first affiliate sale?

You don't have to share all your secrets with me/us! I'm only curious to know how you got into affiliate marketing if it's been successful for you. Even if you haven't yet been successful. Share that with us here as well. Tell us what your dreams and goals are and what it is that motivates you to chase and fulfill those dreams. What was your first affiliate marketing success?


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Ohhh it was long time ago when i first started affiliating and i don't remember all details, but i know that first i started with Amazon. At that time it was biggest trend i guess. I managed to earn some money, but it was slow, payouts via checks where troublesome to cash out and for me it wasn't really best experience, but made me curious to search further for something better. Then i jumped in as eBay affiliate at that time and also was trying Clickbank. I was reading a lot of success stories by others, but these never made me REALLY happy... Until i find and started as Seoclerks affiliate which is after all this years of trying, getting me best results, best affiliate income and very easy way of cashing out my earnings. Now i wouldn't waste my time on any other affiliate program then seoclerks.

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Payouts by check! That must have been a while back. Ah so you use EPN too that's awesome! I've had some success with EPN in the past and you can really get inventive with it. I use phpBay, do you have/use it?

I've never been able to get into CB, I think 99% of those success stories are all BS. Plus I know that CB has a very very high refund rate. I can see some value in it though if you're in some niche like video games testing or something and you put a couple CB links on your site for something to do with that. But basing a whole site around CB or some CB niche is not a good idea IMHO. Much better off having a successful site and then experimenting with some high converting CB offers as opposed to building a site around CB stuff.

That's great to hear what you say about SEOClerks affiliate program though. You are surely someone to look at for inspiration on that front and also someone who can guide and direct anyone thinking about getting into that. What was your first affiliate marketing success?


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Hi thanks for your nice question as affiliate marketer. I start an affiliate marketing few years before it may 4-5 years. But I forgot what was that program first. And in the following years I started affiliate via Amazon product. And it was very difficult when I was join to Amazon affiliate program. Because my hand was blank in term of knowledge. Somebody told me it was very easy and all Amazon product has too much demand in the world market. And I can promote it and sale is easily. But eventually I could not success in that time. And I stopped it suddenly after some months but last couple of years I get back again with Amazon product campaign after learning lot of things and factors and now I get good feedback by Amazon affiliate. I cannot remember what was first day or that day which I can take first affiliate marketing success.
I have next plan to do work SEOclerks affiliate very seriously. Although I did few past but now I have set up new goal by SEOclertks affiliate and I will back in here may with another history where I can say exact time and date as first affiliate marketing success.
Thanks by Ajlancer

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My first affiliate marketing success? Well, it's been a while but the one I remember was a fountain that I sold. The vendor sold products for the home and garden. I earned $60 as a sales commission. Somebody either came to my site where I displayed the products OR responded to an advertisement I placed in Classified Ads. I have never been able to duplicate that success. But that did give me the incentive to keep trying. What was your first affiliate marketing success? My other successes have been at sites that have a revenue-share plan and were set up to help affiliate marketers.

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I started amazon affiliate marketing with hubpages. Hubpages allowed to link amazon affiliate products in our articles. I once published an article on essential oils and linked a product related to lavender oil on my article. The product was purchased by a reader. That was my first sales on Amazon that was back in 2012. When I launched my websites, I started promoting amazon products however, I have not sold too many amazon products.

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