How do I get a website listed on Google and other search engines?

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How do I get a website listed on Google and other search engines?

Back in time, getting listed or crawled on Google and other search engines are easily done through simply ways like submitting your website through software and building huge backlinks.
Search Engines like Google had lots of upgrades through out these years and I was wondering what the best ethical way of getting a website crawled and listed on major Search Engines could be in this time that Search Engines are very difficult to be understood.


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The methods are still pretty similar to as they were a few years back.

Mainly you will want to be out there promoting your website through links and a social presence.

Building links:
When you build links for your website you will be putting out small adverts that basically say "Google, go look at my website!" and once Google comes to the link they will follow through it to your pages and possibly index your homepage (hopefully all your pages). Just be sure your on page optimization and navigation is set up properly in order to get the search engine spiders crawling efficiently and possibly telling Google, Yahoo! and Bing that your website is the best and needs to be on top of the search results How do I get a website listed on Google and other search engines?

Getting Active On Social Platforms:
When you get active on social platforms such as Facebook, Google plus, tumblr, reddit, twitter, pinterest, instagram, linkedin, etc. and you'll notice your websites pages getting indexed quicker than normal. The reason for this is that Google, Yahoo! and Bing have their spiders crawling social platforms non stop and they see everything on there. Build up a page on at least facebook and you should be able to get indexed pretty quick after you build only a few links to the page. I'd suggest building up all your social platforms in order to bring in all the spiders every second of the day, but that's up to you ;)

Hopes And Dreams:
Now you can use the hopes and dreams method where you put up a website and it's instantly indexed over night, but it doesn't normally happen like that and you'll have to do some actual work to get indexed quick How do I get a website listed on Google and other search engines?



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I agree with all Razzy posted. I don't worry too much about submitting my sites to any other search engine than Google, once listed at Google, the smaller directories and search engines will pick it up from there. Google also has a webmasters tool where you set up your own console and list your site(s) which gets it checked and indexed sometimes the same day, the console also offers much more information about your site, traffic, errors, links, keywords.... just to name a few...good luck.

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Google and Bing both have a dashboard in their side that can be used in such context. I have found that google has search console. And Bing has webmaster tools. So both have website submission feature. If the website gets indexed by google then it can be indexed by the bing as well. And this way you can let other search engines pick up from there. For example, some of the blogging search engines make use of the google and bing index for listing.

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SEO is the only proven method to get your website indexed on search engines. Your website will be visible on search engines based on the keywords you have used and backlinks you have generated. Having specific keywords and high quality backlinks will ensure the top position on search engines.

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Well, you have to submit the link of your website in the major search engines just for assurance. But it doesn’t end on the submission. You have to spruce up your website especially with the contents that should be relevant to your niche, well-written and unique. Good contents are unique in some ways because they are not copied from another website whether in part or in full. And uploading good contents regularly will give your website the advantage in the ranking of search engines.

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