Do anchor text help you rank better for keywords?

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Do anchor text help you rank better for keywords?

Simply put, anchor texts are clickable phrases. What are your views on anchor texts in terms of their importance for search engine optimization? What are your best tips for using anchor texts, especially when backlinking from blogs and forums.


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Your anchor text is taken into consideration by search engines as a way to rank your site. So if you have a lot of high quality backlinks on sites where you are using anchor text in them, that's one way that search engines can tell which site to show the highest based on which ones have the most amount of those keywords in that anchor text in that backlink.

Why do you think Adobe rank #1 for "click here"? That's because over the years, many many people have told people to "click here" to get something such as Flash player for their web browser. Example: "click here" to install Flash player. That's why they rank top for "click here" in Google. Well they used to, nowadays it's not all about how many anchor text links you have pointing to your site but other things come into play as well. That's why if you do a Google search for "click here" (without quotes) you will see some other sites ranking top that talk about the whole practice. Actually, this can be a very very good lesson in SEO as well and I recommend you do it.

So your anchor text is a call-to-action and offers some insight into what the link is.

The anchor text helps people by;

  • Providing some information when read out of context.
  • Explains what the link offers the clicker.
  • Doesn't talk about the mechanics of things.
  • Is not a verb phrase.

There are some people though that say you should never ever use the words "click here" as your anchor text. They say that the word "click" puts too much attention on the click mechanics and diverts attention from the page to their mouse. Plus the word "here" conceals what the user is actually clicking on. So if you was telling someone where to get something like Flash player for example, instead of saying "Click here to install Flash player" it would be much better to say something like "Get Flash player" where blue is the anchor text.

I hope that makes sense to you and is insightful!? Do anchor text help you rank better for keywords?

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Yes that was very informative and nicely explained, thank you idealmike. The tips provided are also helpful for one who wants to make sure that the anchor text is providing benefits when backlinking from blogs and forums.
However my actual question, which seems to have been edited, was mainly concerning the fact that should anchor text be used somewhat recklessly there could be a negative impact on organic traffic. And I was trying to ascertain how anchor text could be used in such a way as many use it in reality.

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