Hire a freelancer and pay per task or weekly/monthly?

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Hire a freelancer and pay per task or weekly/monthly?

If I hire a freelancer to do different tasks for me daily, would I be better off with a freelancer I pay weekly or perhaps even monthly rather than paying them for each task they do?

Would this be negative in any way?


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Hello rampagesimba,
This is some good questions you have here. The thing is that most people would probably have different answers for this question due to various reasons. However, my answer would be something like this:

If you know you'll need to use one particular freelancer during a long period of time, you'd probably be better off hiring a freelancer full time and pay them on a weekly or monthly basis. At least that's what I would do myself and that's what I've done earlier in my career. Until I established my own team of people who manage all the tasks I need them for today.

If you on the other hand, would be in need of several freelancers, due to gaps in their personal skill-tree, then I'd go with payments for each task that has been completed. No matter if it would be multiple payments each day or not. Another scenario would be that you're using only one particular freelancer but don't have enough tasks for them to handle being hired full time, then I would also go with payments for each task being made rather than a weekly or monthly payment.

With all this being said, you should discuss things with the freelancer since you might end up with a perfect "package" solution for something similar. You never know. Best of luck!

Best Regards,

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It all depends on the amount of work you need to delegate to this freelancer. If you feel that you are going to have several tasks to allocate and that these will need to be assigned on a daily basis, then in all probability it would be best to establish a fixed hourly rate with your freelancer.

However you need to make sure that if you have a diversity of tasks to assign, that freelancer you hire is capable of seeing to them all, and that he or she has the necessary skills.

You would also have to discuss if he has a certain fixed rate, which might be too high for you. So ultimately you need to discuss several factors with him before making a decision. I would also suggest that you make absolutely sure you will be having daily work to assign and to be realistic with the time frames.

Having said that sometimes paying per task is the safest option because you do not have to worry about time approximations, and you do not have to make sure that you will surely have daily work to assign. However it may be tedious to pay for each and every task.

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PPA - Pay per Action.

I'd say pay per task (PPA) and make them submit a monthly or weekly invoice. A lot of freelancers I've hired that I paid a flat fee per week/month start out doing their job very strong but fizzle out after they get tired of it. This same thing happens at real jobs with 9-5 type employees who are hourly or salary.

If you pay per action, they don't get paid if they lose interest and do no work. I've used this model before, it works great and actually lasts.

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I think it is better to pay freelancers for each work done for that will enable them to have the zeal to work. As a freelancer, I understand the brain behind being paid per work for it gives the client an opportunity to always review you on a daily basis. So, the per work payment is definitely one I will like to take a look at.

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On the side of the freelancer it is best to get a job with a fixed pay like weekly or monthly because that steady income is good for the finances. But on the side of the employer I think the best arrangement is to pay on a per task basis. At least there will be no problem if the worker makes a mistake for the employer can just tell him to stop and that’s the last work he will be doing. With a fixed payment the employer can be compromised if the worker will not perform to his expectations.

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