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300-Word Engaging Blog Article

I am presenting the service of 300 words only on SEO Clerk & Word Clerk. I am an old and experienced freelance writer and have been working on various freelancing websites for decades, not years. I have written so many blog articles that sometimes I feel like I was born to write blogs and blogs were invented for people like me.

Blog posts can be both long and short. The most ideal blog post is 1000 words, but it is not a prerequisite that every post in any blog must be 1000 words. A 300-word blog post can not only impress your viewers a lot, but it can also link them to your blog.

A successful blogger would be one who reads the minds of all kinds of people and posts blog articles according to them. Your blog should have both short and long posts, but most people do not read very long blog posts, such as posts based on 1500 or 2000 or more words, because today's lifestyle is already too busy. Most people do not want to spend all their free time reading a single post.

What does a unique blog post mean?

I don't think a 'unique article' is the only one that hasn't been published before. Even a meaningless, grammatically wrong, and the bad article would not have been published anywhere before, so does it deserve to be called a 'unique article'? No way! In my view, a unique article is one that is free from structural errors, interesting, simple, engaging, mind-blowing, and informative.

A unique article is one that is unique and has its own identity. There are billions of people in the world, but each one is unique. Similarly, millions of articles are published on the Internet, but most of them are similar, which makes me very sad. A unique article is one in which the writer's face, their thinking, their hard work, and their research are clearly visible.

What is a handwritten blog post?

I am sorry to say that nowadays some freelance writers are selling spun articles from software by offering them very cheap.

To be honest, I write to survive, but the bigger truth is that I am alive to write. Writing is my passion but at the same time, it takes money to survive on this planet. I am a married person and I support my family only through freelancing.

I am very happy that my passion is my profession and I love my passion more than myself. I get jobs from various freelancing websites, including SEO Clerk.

I must say that all my articles are handwritten & plagiarism-free, but I do get information through Google search so that I can understand the topic and then create it with my mind. When I receive an order from a customer, I forget myself and write as if I’m the client myself and I have to write with my real purpose in mind. Putting myself in the client's place helps me write a purposeful blog post.

I write in a conversational tone that's appropriate for blogs while still providing solid information.


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