1500-word outstanding blog article on any subject for $15

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1500-word outstanding blog article on any subject

I will write an outstanding,1500-word blog article to meet your blogging needs

Reasons why you should use this Gig

1. The use of this Gig as a regular blogger

As a regular blogger, you need to keep your blog up-to-date with fresh, engaging, unique, meaningful & high-quality content but it is not always easy to carry on with your job without intervals because of several reasons such as health condition, domestic urgency, lack of time, and so on.

When it is obvious that there is no one to carry on your blog-content, I’m here to help you out. I can write a great, informative 1500-word blog article on any topic of your choice no matter whether you are a full-time or part-time blogger.

2. The use of this Gig to keep your website moving

Instead of just having a static website with no blogs, well-written & engaging blog content can help you attract organic traffic to your existing online business subject to the condition that you keep on uploading hand-written, interesting blog articles rather than relying on spun or stolen articles that have no SEO & customer value at all.

I’ve designed this Gig to suit your content needs and help you keep your website moving rather than keeping it static. A blog with regular informative updates can attract potential clients, drive sales, develop your brand presence, and grow audience engagement.

3. The use of this Gig to impact audience decision-making

I’m an experienced blog writer, and based on my extensive SEO writing experience, I’m professionally capable of creating engaging, high-quality and consistent content to positively influence audience decision-making in a way that they will make up their mind in advance that what type of service they are going to use or what type of product they are going to experience if they buy it.

4. The use of this Gig to build up your reputation, trust, &credibility

Regular content is a tried and tested ingredient that can make your clients happy, develop trust, boost up credibility, and offer great value to your organic traffic. I’m here to help bloggers publish great content to capture the attention of their potential clients so that they feel like coming back with a positive brand impression.

5. The use of this Gig to avoid harmful spinning tools or software

A spinning tool or software does nothing but replaces words or phrases with synonymous words or phrases. The aim is to fool Google so that it does see it as unique content rather than duplicate phrases. Those who use spinner software or spinning tools forget that the same article might have already been spun hundreds or thousands of times with the same synonymous phrases and thus Google can destroy their search ranking as a punishment for having duplicate content.

Just suppose for a while, you are going to spin a stolen article that nobody else has yet spun, you are still going to create a technically unique article but it will not be suitable for human eyes – several sentences and phrases will make no sense or look weird or totally unreadable.

The worst part is that low-quality spun articles will fail to hold the attention of readers any longer. This is the 5th point to make use of this Gig so that I can create a unique, hand-written, human-readable, comprehensive, informative and
engaging content to hold your viewers’ attention for a long period.

Categories I love to write on:

1) Commercial Products &Services

2) Health & Fitness

3) Food & Beverages

4) Beauty & Fashion

5) Lifestyle & Culture

6) Home & Family

7) Entertainment & Recreation

8) Art & Fun

9) Online Gaming

10) SEO & Online Marketing

11) Travel & Tourism

12) Finance & Law

13) Real Estate

14) Technology

15) Science & Inventions

16) Auto & Transportation

17) Adult Content (but not porn)

18) Online Marketing

19) General Reviews based on other people’s reviews

20) And More

Categories I do not write on:

1) News

2) Politics

3) Religion

4) Porn

5) Songs

6) Movies

7) Poetry

8) Personal Reviews based on personal experience with commercial products & services

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