11 Evergreen Topics and Strategies That Work for You Year-Round

11 Evergreen Topics and Strategies That Work for You Year-Round

Take a moment to audit the content on your blog site. How many of your recent posts will remain relevant 6 months or 1 year from now? How many of them will grow outdated? 

As much as possible, you'll want content that tackles evergreen topics people can still relate to years down the line. People will continue to read, share, and link back to your posts for as long as they remain relevant. This is important because backlinking like this and the constant traffic significantly boosts your SEO efforts.

But what kind of evergreen articles can you focus on? Don't panic, we've got 11 different topics/strategies listed right here for you. Read on below to learn more:

1. How-To Guides

How-to guides make for some of the easiest evergreen topics. You'll find a plethora of sites that bank on the popularity of basic tutorials, such as Wikihow. 

There will come a point when your how-to guides might no longer remain relevant. The good news is it's easy to update previous posts. Constantly go back to your previous content and update them regularly to ensure they never phase-out. 

2. SEO Basics

As long as there will be the Internet, there will be search engines like Google. As long as there's Google, there will be a need for SEO. Otherwise, people won't find websites relevant to their needs and queries. 

With that in mind, not a lot of companies understand the importance of SEO or how it works. 

Don't stop with articles listing the benefits of SEO. You can dive further into other evergreen SEO topics, like which SEO tools to use, which SEO plugins to get for WordPress and a look at the history of Google's algorithm updates.

3. Weight and Diet Advice

It doesn't take long to find dozens, if not hundreds, of weight loss and diet guides online. These are evergreen topics because there will always be people who want to lose weight and look good. It's not simply playing on vanity — it's also about maintaining good health. 

There are a plethora of topics that fall under these categories and all of them can be evergreen topics. You can discuss the different diet strategies, different meal plans, and different exercise routines to hit a certain weight or burn a specific number of calories.

4. Product Reviews

Sure, products get phased-out, but reviews for those products won't. Consider this example: the Playstation 5 will release this Winter 2020 but you may still find collectors interested in buying a Playstation 3. Reviews for the PS3, even those dating from 2007 or 2008, will help in this regard. 

You can even earn from this kind of evergreen content. Writing reviews opens up an avenue for affiliate marketing. Not only do you create evergreen posts people might link to and reference for months or years to come but you also get to earn through commissions. 

5. Top 10 Listicles

Don't dismiss the value of Top 10 lists. They're fun to read and easy to engage with. They're also quite popular, which led to some YouTube channels focusing entirely on them, such as WatchMojo.

You could do tons of Top 10 lists for any industry. If you run a blog about cooking, for example, you could use evergreen topics like Top 10 Mexican Dishes, Top 10 Quick and Easy Recipes, or Top 10 Recipes for First-Time Cooks.

The sky is the limit and if you ever have too many items to include, make a Part II or Part III for an older Top 10 list. This might even encourage newcomers to check out your older posts.

6. Sex and Relationship Guides

Sex and relationship guides fall under evergreen content because it's unlikely for these posts to get outdated anytime soon.

The perception of sex and comfort about the topic may shift but the details and guides will remain relevant. A guide about how to be honest with your partner or how to tell if you have an unfaithful husband won't suddenly phase-out in a year or two. 

Again, you have a bunch of evergreen articles to tackle. You could write about sex tips, how to find pleasure in bed, how to find the right partner, and how to find the right sex toys. You could tackle how to get over a breakup or how to start trusting people after a breakup.

7. History Articles

History is a constant. Even when new details emerge and could alter the perspective of a historical event, the event itself is already cemented in history. It won't change — only the story behind the event gets updated. 

You may focus on evergreen content like the history of your company or the history of the service you offer. These topics won't ever fade into obscurity and will always remain relevant to your audiences. 

8. Recipe Posts

Have you ever made pizza by hand? If you haven't, you'll likely search for a recipe online. Notice how a recipe from the 1950s or 60s, from an old cookbook, remains useful even in 2020.

Why not take advantage of that aspect? 

Recipes make for some of the best evergreen content you could work on. You could write five different recipes for the same dish, offering a few alterations or styles each time. 

9. Interviews

Similar to history articles, interviews will remain relevant for a long time. People can reference those interviews for years, taking quotes and linking back to specific portions of an interview in future feature articles. 

Did you interview a Google employee and discussed the future of SEO? Five years later, people might still be linking to that interview! You could link back to the interview too when you write a post reflecting on Google's algorithm updates or when Google makes a decision that contradicts what they stated in that old interview.

10. Checklist Guides

What are all the factors to create optimized content? What should people put in their camping bags or emergency kits? Have you ever wondered what to include in your child's backpack for their first day in school or what you can't bring on a plane?

These checklists won't become dated anytime soon. If you're looking for evergreen strategies or topics to cover, don't hesitate to come up with a few checklists. 

11. Explainer/Beginner's Guides

Last, yet certainly not least, are explainer guides or beginner's guides. As the category suggests, these are topics that layout definitions and step-by-step procedures to aid beginners. 

The doors are wide open for this category. You could tackle content such as "how black holes work" or "beginner's guide to launching a WordPress site." 

Take Advantage of Evergreen Topics Now!

These are 11 evergreen topics and strategies you can utilize today! Take your time to figure out which styles best suit your interests and goals. Once you've planned things out, start creating content people can keep on revisiting and sharing for years to come!

Of course, evergreen content is only the start. There are other types of content and marketing strategies to take advantage of.

Fortunately, we're here to help you out. Feel free to read more of our guides to boost your performance today, such as this post discussing how to get quality backlinks!

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