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A Well Written English Article

This service requires some things from you!

1. You have to have a topic for me to write about (If you have instructions about this topic like for example if it is a homework assignment then PLEASE send them!)
2. Make sure that you know what you are ordering, because if the word count is more or less than you ordered then I most likely cancel it and return you the money.
3. If you enjoy the service please make sure to recommend it to others!

This is a service that I have decided to start because of varies of reasons, some big ones and some smaller ones but, in the end they all have a pretty similar meaning and that is what matters the most!
These reasons can varie from something as simple as me wanting to help out others that are not quite as experienced nor willing to create a ''Well Written English Article'' to people needing professional care and need for a article/text to make sure it seems ''Well Written''. And as to what these people may need this text to be so important for (could be a job application, homework for your school, etc) does not bother me nor matter to be honest. They pay > they get what they ordered.

So what are my prices exactly and why do they look as they do?

Well, interesting and really important question! Down below will be a quick format as to how my prices are summed up and looked into.

Starting prices: For each 100 words its $1 (This only counts for the regular shown price on the article, which is $5. What does this mean exactly? Well it means that each 100 words will only cost $1 for a normal 500 or under 500 word text, as soon as this limit is crossed then I charge $0.15 for each 10 words.)

Normal prices: If you are going to order a text that is above 500 words then this is the section you are looking for! The prices are really fair and pretty decently split up for both you the buyer and me the seller!

Each 100 words = $1.15
Each 500 words = $4.5
Each 1000 words = $10.99

Keep in mind: I prefer to take smaller word articles before any bigger projects since it goes quicker and that's what I am always striving for, a quick and easy deal so I can earn some extra cash straight into my wallet!

Keep in mind 2: If you are going to order a article with over 1000 words or more then please either PM (Private Message) me so we can arrange something, or order the prices over and over until the word count sums up to your desired word count!

Thank you for considering me as your article writer! If you have any futher questions please let me know whatever they may be, I am open to answer everything aslong as it doesn't involve real life questions!

I am looking forward to making business with you, my friend.
Yours sincerely



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