Send 100,000+ High Quality Real Alexa Traffic for $15

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Send 100,000+ High Quality Real Alexa Traffic

✔ 100% High Quality Alexa Traffic
✔ Trackable on Analytics, Custom Tracking link Provide
✔ Complement of Seo requirement
✔ No Bot Or proxy traffic
✔ 100% Real Human High Quality Traffic
✔ Penguin and Panda Safe
✔ 100% Adsense safe
✔ 100% SEO Friendly
✔ Boost your Serp
✔ Boost your Alexa Ranking
✔ Low Bounce Rate
✔ Traffic will start within 24 hours

You can choose any traffic sources, default will be google.

Please be Note :

✔ Sending Traffic from your keywords. So you have to track all the details in your Google Analytics or Blog or Wordpress,etc...

✔ Definitely you will receive low bounce rate and high duration traffic. but if you buy more traffic from different sellers then it will also affect your google analytics. please be consider this

✔ If you want to track all the details only from your Google analytics please make sure you have correctly activated your google analytics code.

✔ We never provide Traffic to Redirect Links,YouTube videos, Add Clicks Sites like Adfly and Signup Sites.

✔ You may receive sales but we never guaranteed because we can't fosse people actions.

Frequently Asked Questions
- Is the traffic real?
Yes, they are. We guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics.

- How much time does it take to start the order?
We will start the order within 4-48 hours

- Is this traffic adsense and other ad network safe?
Yes, it is absolutely safe.

- Will your traffic improve my Alexa Rank?
We can guarantee any improvement in Alexa Rank only if you have Alexa Rank Certified active, that is the way how works and it cannot be changed. Your website having Alexa Rank Certified means that you have Alexa's traffic counter installed on your website therefore is able to see all the traffic coming to your website. Without the counter Alexa doesn't count any traffic and shows only estimates.

- Are all hits Going to show up on Google Analytics ?
Yes, all hits are seen on Google Analytics. If you want to see the true number of hits then have a look at "pageviews".

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What's included

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