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Publish A Guest Post on Google News Approved Site NewsWire. net - DA 66

Newswire is a Google News site, meaning the articles that we publish are included on Google News, and often republished 100 times or more on different sites around the web. Through Google News, we publish news, press releases, blog posts, Op Ed, and reviews Google News articles seem to hold a special weight in the Google ranking algorithm.

Newswire is a high-authority site. According to recent scan on

Domain Authority (DA): 66

Page Authority (PA): 52

MOZ Rank: 5.25

Majestic CF: 48

Majestic TF: 31

SB Rank: 8

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Once published on Newswire, articles will be live indefinitely, meaning that we do not remove articles on any sort of schedule. Many articles on Newswire continue to get hundreds of views per month, years after first published.

Your article may include one regular (dofollow) link to your website so long as it adds to the content value of your article. You may include up to 3 additional links to other authority sources (i.e. Wikipedia, .gov, or .edu sites) that support the context of your article. Links can be “naked” or embedded in anchor text. Articles and the links they contain stay on our site indefinitely.

As a Google News site, we have to be very picky about what we publish. Our editorial review process is thorough, and we do not publish many of the articles that are submitted to us. We do not publish “advertorial” style content (content that would be better suited for a paid advertisement). In addition, we cannot take adult, payday loan article, or articles promoting illegal activities. We will usually publish articles about online gambling, cannabis, and vaping with the caveat that these articles must be informative, and not simply promoting a casino or product.


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