I will increase wordpress speed optimization with gtmetrix and google pagespeed for $20

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I will increase wordpress speed optimization with gtmetrix and google pagespeed

Why Speed Optimization WordPress Website?

Google has declared that fast Website Rank High. So, Site SEO first must be Speed optimization to help Rank High. If the Site speed is slow, it results in bad user experience. Most people drop your site if it does not load within 5 seconds.

Advantages of Website after Speed Optimization
1. Faster loading time
3. Improved visitors experience
2. Good conversion rate
5. Improve google ranking
4. Bounce rates decrease
6. Good search-engine ranking

I will:
1. Software Version Update
2. Minifying JS/CSS/HTML files
3. Image optimization, Compress and resizing
4. GZIP File Compression
5. Page & Browser Cache
6. CDN Setup
7. PHP Version Update
8. Font Optimization
9. Database Optimization
10. Cache Preloading
11. Deferring Unused JS/CSS
12. Inline & Combine JS/CSS
13. Bugs Fixing
14. Premium Plugin Install

Why Choice me?
1. 24/7 Customer Support
2. 100% Refund Guarantee
3. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
4. Once I speed up your website, it remains fast forever
5. Premium Plugin Install
6. Premium CDN Setup in STACKPAT and Configuration

Extra Benefits:
1. Normal Website Optimization: Loading time 1-7 second. GTmetrix score up to 83+
(Premium Original Licensed Plugin Install Value $49)-You save: $49

2. Full Website Optimization: Loading Time 1-5 second. GTmetrix score up to 87+
(Premium Original Licensed Plugin Install Value $49) You save: $49

4. Heavy Website Optimization. Loading time 1-3 seconds. GTmetrix score up to 93+ with Premium STACKPATH CDN setup
(Premium Original Licensed Plugin Install Value $49 + Premium STACKPATH CDN setup value $10): You save: $59

Keep Your Website Super FAST

1. Which Speed test Tool do you use to work?
Ans: I work with GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Google Pagespeed. By default, we work with GTMetrix. If you want us to work with other tools, please mention it in the order details.

2. What do I need to speed up your WordPress website?
Ans: WordPress Login details (user and password). Your login will be safe with me. Please remember to remove it after I am done.

3. How long do I need to speed up your site?
Ans: Normally I do within 24 hours after place an order. But depending on the workload and You can select the Package for that.

4. Do you accept Custom Order?
Ans: Yes, Please contact me first for a custom order.

5. Risking damaging my website?
Ans: Definitely NOT damaging your website. I take a backup before starting and do extensive testing after performing the optimization to make sure everything is working properly.

6. Does optimization affect my website looks and functionality?
Ans: Optimizations after will not affect your website looks or functions.

7. Which kind of sites I can't optimize?
Ans: If your hosting server speed is low then I can't optimize your site. Using too many external files like Travel Affiliate Scripts, Random Ads, etc.

8. Can you guarantee the results that you have mentioned?
Ans: I guarantee the maximum results that are possible with your theme and server that you are using. If your server response time is not good I will suggest you change hosting before placing the order. I will optimize your website to its maximum level it could be optimized.

9. Will the site optimization process affect my website data?
Ans: NO! Optimization doesn't have anything to do with your site data. Your site data will be safe.


What's included

Bug Fixing


SEO Wordpess Speed Optimization Google Ranking


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Premium Plugin 1-7 Second With 83+ GTMetrics 3 days $20
Premium Plugin 1-5 Second With 87+ GTMetrics 4 days $30
Premium Plugin + STACKPATH CDN 1-3 Second With 90+ GTMetrics 5 days $50

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