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WordPress Site Speed, SEO & Cache

Perhaps you've heard, Google is using site speed and optimization as a ranking factor more than ever. If your site isn't relatively fast and efficient, Google is holding you down, and most importantly, you're losing a lot of engagement! Studies have shown, 40% of users will ultimately abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds. If they do decide to stick around, they probably won't click a link - bounce.

Offering you upwards of a 50% faster (and smaller) site with no loss of content, function, or design.

First, familiarize yourself with GTMetrix. GTMetrix is one of the most popular SEO analysis tools. It analyzes your webpage then displays your most critical problems. If you have C, D, and E grades, you have big problems!

I can fix your SEO errors, often for A/B analysis scores.

You may be using overweight plugins that are not worth their weight. There may be better options! If you have bloated plugins (social share is often a culprit), I can offer alternatives, so you might get a 90/90+ score. I have tested 1000's of plugins in specific regard to SEO over that past 5 years. I'll tell you right now, the most popular plugins often aren't the best option!

I will offer suggestions that might require meaningful changes.

Perhaps you aren't using a CDN (Content Delivery Network). You need to. There is a wonderful free option, Cloudflare. Likely, your site can improve if served over Cloudflare. If nothing else, I do recommend you transfer your domain there... Cloudflare has an 11ms DNS response time. GoDaddy, on the other hand, has a 43ms response! Speed matters. These types of decisions, I leave up to you. I will make you aware. If you decide to act within the 5 days, I will help set anything up.

I will install and optimize 5+ plugins that will help speed up your site.

Every site is different. You might already have some of these things implemented. Maybe I can improve on what you have.

  • Image optimization: Compression, automatic WEBP/WEBM format, served over a (free or paid) CDN. This alone could reduce the weight of your site by 30%+!
  • Remove unnecessary resources: Entire Font Awesome libraries are often loaded, sometimes more than once – on every page! Are you using ~5,000 icons? Well, you’re loading them...twice? Other unneeded JS and CSS files are loaded too, probably 100’s of KB worth on any given page/post type. I will remove this bloat. You won't notice a thing on the surface!
  • Font types: Themes and plugins may be loading font types (worse yet, calling them from external resources), which you aren't using. Bye-bye.
  • Critical CSS: Critical CSS is the 'design' that is loaded above the fold. It's imperative to get those resources served first for positive user-experience. Further, you probably have lots of CSS that you simply aren't using. I can easily find and remove those large chunks.
  • Headers: Undoubtedly you connect to multiple servers to serve your page. I will set up 'preconnect' and 'preload' headers, to help speed up your site.
  • Resources: I will use the best possible methods to minify and combine your CSS and JS. It can be tricky for the average user, often breaking websites. Still, you need to do what you can! Fetching 60-100 assets from your server is not ideal! I will make sure your site loads everything in order (IE: Defer non-critical JS, serve critical CSS separate from the less important) for site-speed/SEO.
  • Caching: Caching is one of the most important aspects of your website. It is also one of the most difficult to get just right. I will write you a custom caching policy (.htaccess file), tailored to your site. Your pages will load exceedingly fast. Your fresh content and changes will still update/display instantly.
I do more than just install some plugins. I actually check every page type & plugin for code you don't need!

Within 5 days I can get you near perfection! You will be better off than 99.99% of the competition. I won't stop until all the major problems are fixed and enhancements integrated.

I will do all the work on a staging site - no 'dilemmas' on your live site.
All I need is an admin login and password to get started.


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