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I need an ebook writer for my kindle related service. we are only accept wo...

  • expresspromo
    expresspromo Level 1
  • writting seo download

    I need Paint Tool Sai onto the Amazon App Store along with Google App Store...

  • ArtsyFartsyAnna
    ArtsyFartsyAnna Level 1
  • Applicat 100funct Storeimp

    i will design Book cover 2D and 3D cover..A 3D cover is an excellent thing ...

    MISSSUMA Level 1
  • Graphic Design Bookmark

    Hi Guys, i need the services of a very good graphic designer to design my K...

  • bayogolding
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  • Ebook Kindle Cover

    I am seeking someone that is good and specializes in designing book covers ...

  • Emp4Dig
    Emp4Dig Level 2
  • Design Createsp Book

    Hello Welcome to the best cover design -ORDER NEWS- Ebook Plus Delivered in...

  • reevatul
    reevatul Level 1
  • Design Graphic Logo

    I search a professional writter for an ebook in the niche of fitness or bod...

  • moonclerks
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  • Bodybuil Interest Writting

    Hello guys I need someone to help me create a cover design for my sheets st...

  • moonclerks
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  • Design 3d Logo

    Hello, I want to write 2 amazon kindle ebooks, each with up to 5k words I w...

  • tomtolu
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  • Studenta Studentb Author

    I am looking for people that are USA base to do some work for me.You must l...

  • CEmbryDesigns
    CEmbryDesigns Level 1
  • Amazon Profile Kindle

    I need 200 book blogger list with their name and their contact details in ?...

  • HaroldHarg
    HaroldHarg Level 1
  • Kindle Dataentr Bookblog

    I need someone who can take my google doc and format it for kindle within 2...

  • zanmoore
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  • Ebook Kindle Amazon

    I have a service which I want to sell to authors of Kindle books, but I am ...

  • xenreviews
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  • Someone good at