REAL YouTube views and I will edit all your videos

REAL YouTube views and I will edit all your videos

I would like REAL YouTube views to the channel 'Hopper Daddy'. If you enjoy my content then subscribe, if you want to see more then like and hit the bell. If there is a video you feel could be improved then dislike. In as many videos as you can comment a review with the following:

"Cameron review:
***** (stars, choose amount)
What you like. What you dislike

To join and learn more, visit: (this link)"

The reason I am doing this is not for free views, subs or comments. It is because I would like people to review my videos so that I know what content I need more of or I shall continue and what I need less of or to stop doing. This is probably the stupidest thing ever, but if you dislike a video then Thank You, it helps alot!

Will Trade

To all people who like/dislike and review 3 of my videos, I will be their editor. I may add an intro, add subtitles to all their videos, merge videos, cut unneeded parts, blur out faces of your choice and copyright logos and more including adding music. Send me videos through this page and give me your YouTube username so I know who to look out for. I will send you them back once I have completed. I will do this for you full time!

Skills Required

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