Edit my 7 videos into 1 - $5 with 2 - 3 days

Edit my 7 videos into 1 - $5 with 2 - 3 days

Hi Guys looking for the cheapest person i saw a lot $5 dollars
I will be using again a lot if successful
So please Dm me or start bidding here

Will Trade

pay the best bidder

Skills Required

1 Level Level2 Level3 Level4

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hi dear, i just finished going through your request, it’s clear to me exactly what you want. i’m a video maker both in live action & animation and i'm indicating my interest in working for you. i can assure you of great quality (1080p) in delivery if you order from me, you won’t regret ordering at all, i can assure you of that

hello .i,m a professional on editing video and animation video i can edit your video with a good quality and very fast deliverd
skills : adobe premier pro cc 2019
adobe photoshop cc 2019
adobe affter effect cc 2019

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    ouss11 Level 1
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    hi, i would like to know the duration of each video and the final output duration before we get started.

    thanks as i look forward to hearing from you.

    please chat with me and i will show you demo work for free. also tell me your 7 videos niche thus i could confirm and start the editing.

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    Shapla Level 1
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    i am umer.i am the owner of saad zia films. you can check this on google facebook and on other social media can check my work from there.i will do your work in a professional way in very short time.
    feel free to contact me.lets talk.
    i assure you that i will do your work perfectely

    hello my friend, how long are the videos?
    how much $$ do you pay per video edited ?
    i'm a filmmaker and video editor and think i can help you with that?

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    edrocha Level 1
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    i can edit your 7 videos within 3 days. i guarantee. and they will be in full hd quality.

    i am a good editor and i am doing this work since 2012 i will combine all parts does not matter its seven or eight you can trust on me and i will do this work in your price $5 so give me chance to work for you it will be honor for me to work for you i hope you will accept me for this work

    i can combine your video and also put your logo or name of the video at the bottom right of the video.

    i video should be less than 2min valid for the my offer.... ............ if u like please tell me......

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    Kassa97 Level 1
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    i am video editor i am edit video for youtube i have experience i am top video editor if you don't like video then again i edit your video you just give me sample how you want edit my rate very low.....

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    tariq27 Level 1
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    hi. i have seen your publication, i am a content creator and publisher of it, i do not know what your videos are, but i guarantee you a good video.

    i can do this work for you and complete it in 24 hours or less time for a total of 2 usd.

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