need good webdesigner to make my site professionnal and appealing

need good webdesigner to make my site professionnal and appealing

im looking for someone to improve my new site design to look more professionnal and appealing: url: (french site on wordpress)
Lucrative niche: home and house building.
country target: france
goal: negotiate leads with house, appartment constructors
im doing seo: so ive been testing few keywords and most of them are between page 2 and page 5 in less than a month without much investment.

so now i need to give a seo boost (what im doing) and a design boost cause i know i can rank well pretty "gold" keywords .
im already working on the project with an architect and a home builder.
i would be gratefull if you can do that for "free" improve that site design and make it look very professionnal.
i would love in return to give you a nice commission when first deal is done: of course that i cant tell exactly when, but im confident to have first client in the coming 3 month.
also if you are ok to manage site design continuously you will get continuous monthly commissions.
i cant be exact in the amount, it will depend on the price leads


Will Trade

so what i give in return for your help in the meawhile, is my seo skills to rank that site.
so we can both get benefits for our done task.

people interested: could you show me samples sites please of what you have already done

let me know what you think, if you are fine with that.


Skills Required



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