Help me grow websites

Help me grow websites

I own a few websites and web based services. All websites work and already have great response for the visitors they had in the beta phase. I'm looking for someone who can grow one or more of these websites and help them get more leads and customers. The websites are not scams, MLM or whatever. They are high quality and I want them to actually grow into an actual business - So I don't need a spammer, I need a partner who knows how to establish online companies in a high quality way.

I'm too busy with other projects at the moment and can't focus on building these web businesses.
They are good however, so I'm looking for somekind of partner or manager. Please feel free to contact me via private message to learn more and discuss details.

Will Trade

I will give you 50% of all net revenues generated. If you will, you will be the manager of one or more projects and responsible for growing them. I "only" give you the ready-made business to start. Again no MLM, or affiliate marketing, whatsoever. My websites offer unique, legal niche services and already work.

PLEASE NOTICE : I'm not looking for a quick promotion service. I'm looking for a long term partner/manager.

Skills Required


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i can promote your website in different social networking sites. like fb twitter linkedin google plus. i have huge amount of members in different groups

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