Help Increase my Site Income for a Stake of the Profits

Help Increase my Site Income for a Stake of the Profits

Hi, I have four sites, all are monetised with adsense. I am currently not making much from them. My goal is at least $60/month for every month. I need to get articles on the site and traffic. I am working on SEO and Backlinking and other stuff. I need somebody to provide me with content for the site. It doesn't matter if it is original or not, if the content is from another site I need to ensure that the original content is properly cited with links, author name and retrieval date. I want to skyrocket my site income and work on other sites. I plan to create a network of at least 30 sites, I have 20 domain names registered already and I plan to add other income sources such as maxbounty, peerfly, linkshare, amazon affiliates and a couple others, I have already signed up for these accounts. I need traffic and content and followers of the sites. Message me and I will send you links to the sites and the domain names I have registered.

I do not want any illicit clicks to my ads as I do not want my account getting banned, I want legit traffic from legit sources and people who are actively following the sites.

This has the potential to earn you large sums of money on a monthly basis. There is no upper limit to the amount that can be made, you are guaranteed 1/3 of the income as long as there is more than $60 made per month from all the sites together.

Will Trade

I am willing to offer 33% if the sites' income to whoever can guarantee me such profits within 2 or 3 months. Income has to be above $60/month to be paid out. Let me know what timeframe I should expect to see minimum required income and it must be maintained. The income will be reviewed every 3 months. Payments will be made via Paypal or Skrill, ensure you have either (or both accounts) looking forward to making us some money.

Skills Required

Marketing Adsense Linkbuilding Traffic

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..if not satisfied 100% money back guarantee...
u can even check my service

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