Powerful Twitter Bot

Powerful Twitter Bot

I will give you powerful twitter bot.

Lets look at the features in detail

Multiple Account Management

The software comes with a profile creation feature, this means that you can set up your twitter accounts once and then load them as required. This makes managing multiple Twitter accounts a breeze! This is a feature which you would associate with much more expensive applications and therefore you can expect the price to increase in the near future.

Keyword Search

Enter the keyword you want to target and then hit the “Keyword” button. The software will then find people who are actively interested in this subject and add all the users it finds for your keyword phrase!

User Add

You can enter the name of a popular user in your niche eg. johnchow in the Target user box hit “User” and the software will follow 200 of John’s followers. Pretty cool huh?

Mass Unfollow

This is undoubtedly an extremely valuable feature of this software as it enables you to remove all of the users who are not following you back. If you want to build your following you need to be able to remove these users or you may well find yourself stuck at Twitter’s 2000 follower limit.

Schedule posts

The software will automatically schedule posts from a text file, so you can relax whilst your tweeting is put on autopilot. All you need to do is create a list of tweets advertising your sites and offers and the software will run 24/7 getting targeted traffic to your sites and offers.

The twitter bot comes with video tutorials.

Will Trade

You have to give me 1000 facebook likes for our fanpage.


Give me first like after that i will send the bot. Thanks.

Skills Required

facebook like

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i am interested to your trade.i will give you 1000+ like.and when i start your like you will give me your bot.i want to know more about your bot.

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