Twitter Tweet Exchange

Twitter Tweet Exchange

We are Christian songwriters trying to get our music out there, we have over 50,000 followers on Twitter... we will tweet your message in exchange for you tweeting one of our songs and its iTunes link (as long as your message is clean/family friendly). We do not care how many followers you have. If you are interested, we will provide the tweet for you to send out and you will need to provide the tweet you want us to send. We will give you the link to your tweet so you can verify that we posted it, but we require that you post our tweet first.

If we approve your message you will be given our message to tweet, if you are not approved then you will receive no message from us.

Will Trade

Will tweet your message in exchange for you tweeting ours, you must tweet ours first... you will be provided the message to tweet IF and ONLY if your message is approved.

I am new at this site, so please be patient with me.

Skills Required

Twitter Tweets Tweeting Social Meda Blogging

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