Exchange tweets with me!

Exchange tweets with me!

Hello guys,

I am looking for someone to exchange tweets with me in exchange i will tweet something back or i will do any other easy task.

I am looking to do this once everyday ,and i would be glad if we can make a deal.

Don't worry it does not have something to do to harm your twitter.No Porn No warez or such stuff.

Will Trade

I would like to trade tweets!
One tweet per day!

It does not matter how many followers you have ,but if you have more would be good for me

Skills Required

Twitter Account To Tweet Followers Does Not Matter

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how much followers do you have?
i have over 80.000 followers.

yours sincerely,

i'll trade tweets with you. what is your handle?
@chiblkbusnet what is your product line?

hello, i'll trade with you, here's my account @followbackwall i have more than 3800 real followers

yeah sure this sounds good. i have over 9000 followers on my one account, please retweet the following message.

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    i have 2 accounts @rt_to_gain87 and @followbacknow88 that have more than 2.6k+ each hit me up if you still want to trade

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