Looking for people who want to resell Twitter Followers

Looking for people who want to resell Twitter Followers

Hello, I am looking for people who are interested in reselling twitter followers from me. I will deliver the followers to your client in under 48 hours.

1,000 Twitter followers for $2

Currently can sell a maximum of:
Twitter Followers — 50,000

If your interested please respond with where you would sell this service and why you think you would be good

Will Trade

I will make you a reseller.

Skills Required

Sales Marketing Clients

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please send me your details
yahoo messenger,email,skype or on what you are active the most.

yeah i am interested but how much do you want from this deal, do you want us to sell for a 2 bucks a deal or is that what you want from a deal per thousand sold... i would like proof that you can indeed add 50k by adding them to the follow accounts so i can verify that you are indeed offering good and lasting followers follow @thedeanoneill

i am keen to sell. i can sell on websites and social media.

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    arik Level 1
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    i can buy in a website of seo and others in my country spain.
    for details please you skype id

    lets us know..we can resell a lot

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    welov3 Level 1
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