i want you to sign up under my referral link

i want you to sign up under my referral link

sign up for the link above.
and download the digital generation software.
this is a win-win baceuse you'll earn from this software too just by running this to your computer.

1. sign up and run the thread manager
3.verify phone number
4.wait for your free trial thread
*in case no free threads appear after phone verification send ticket like this:\ I am phone verified but no free threads appear.pls give my free thread.
after sometime(24-48 hrs) admin will answer feedback and send you free thread.

you can earn $1-2 a day just by running it on your computer.
meaning $30-60 a month payable thru payza or bank(or other payment processor just check their file)

Will Trade

i will be your referral too (if im not yet a member of your site)

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