I need good SEO job for my web site

I need good SEO job for my web site

I need to get my blog as high as possible in Google page one .
It is there a present but it might be able to get it to number ONE spot ,,would be nice my linkedin is at number one at present
for the words Clive Castle and for the website
At present some guy from Hendersons is number one want that to change ..can you change that ??

Will Trade

I can supply a cpanel hosting account for a year ,,or one designed mobilized web site ,(check out ) with call to action buttons ,text button,phone button ,etc good design many colors to chose from..
Or Give you Free Account that allows you to control multiple cloud accounts ,like dropbox ,onedrive,Google drive etc...

Skills Required

Youtubeseoskil Mobileoptimize Resellerhostin

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dear mutantx,
i can make full seo in your website with in 30 day.
thank you!!

i can help you achieve your goal.

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